Ranveer was busy with office work even working on late nights so that he could go for a week honeymoon with ishani
He confirmed the deal with naina she was so excited to work with him

Ishani who was sleeping in the bed Ranveer came home around 1:30 changed himself came and laid next to her kissed her forehead drifted to sleep
Also guest was there in house Ranveer mama and mami came dey started asking get its been a year Ranveer is not having a baby Ishani was worried

Later in the morning Ishani woke up and saw Ranveer smiled and went fresh herself and came got ready she went down

Amba asked about Ranveer Ishani said he is sleeping she was busy in the kitchen
Ranveer came down and informed about groom for parul who is coming to see her after 20 days
All were happy except parul she was thinking about Krish

After lunch all retired to the room Ranveer was busy in study room he booked the flight tickets also a boat house in kashmir he went to his room was searching Ishani

Ishani was with parul sitting next to her about to ask you she is dull heard voice calling her
Ranveer: Ishani. ..
Parul :bhabi you go bhaiya is calling you
Ishani :hmm she left the room with a suspicion
She opened their room ranveer who was hide behind the door hugged from behind
Ishani; touching his hands for this only you called you
Ranveer: Nuzzling her neck for this oly I called you
Ishani moved away from him leave me…

He held her and closed his eyes. …Wat are you doing Ranveer
He took her to the bed sat next to her opened her eyes she saw flight tickets of kashmir
Ishani:we are going
Ranveer:kashmir. …aaj rat
Ishani :but Ranveer… parul ki shaadi
Ranveer:arrey tat will happen just for a week

Ishani smiled and said …okay
Ranveer got a bright smile started packing things Ishani packed her bag Ranveer kept a gift box in it
She was unaware of it
They informed amba at evening got their flight Ishani was in a pink plazo with white top sat next to each other.
Ran veer was in blue jean white the shirt
Dey took selfie he kept tat as his dp

Dey really reached airport get in to the cab it was shivering so cool she took wear shawl he wear his jacket Ishani was seeing outside the cab was so pleasant her white face with pink lips ranveer was staring at her went close give a peck on her cheeks smilin at her
Ishani turned saw him with funny anger
Both reached resort went inside kept their bags he lay on the bed Ishani was calling from her mobile
Ranveer: whom you are calling
Ishani :arrey let me inform ma tat we have reached
She called and inform amba
Both Had dinner she came out with dark Violet satin nighty she came to the bed covered herself with blanket
Ranvee gave some instructions to punnet over the phone came and saw her smiling the way she said sitting she was doing some thing in her mobile
He come close sat next to her..
Ishani:she kept Mobile aside feeling sleepy Ranveer:grabbed her shoulder’s was about to say something he got a text from naina with beep sounds from his mobile
Ishani :to make fun of him….I think ur girl friend. …
Before she could complet

Ranveer: he laid her on the bed don’t even look his mobile kept it on the side table
Touched her cheeks ….Wat you said.
Ishani : touched his beard…ur girl friend
Ranveer:yeah you are right ….my girlfriend only you sleep let me go and talk to her in a funny tone
Was about to move she held him with his t-shirt.
No need …you are making fun of me

Ranveer :who started this…
He was smiling at her.both shared an eye lock againtext came
Ranveer really wants to play with her she took his mobile let me see who is this…naina Ranveer tumhari new client check it might be something important
Ranveer who knew very well about naina chats kept the mobile aside came close to Ishani I have more important to do other than this..started Nuzzling and kissing her they shared some cute moments

Next day morning naina got ready with black shirt white formal skirt
Came to office waiting for Ranveer later she waits for an hour punnet showed her place she asked him when Ranveer will come
He told her no mam sir ‘s on leave for a week
Naina got dis appointed went out to take coffee she saw some girls gossiping near coffee vending machine
You know our boss went for honeymoon with his wife haan yaar even I heard sona told she was in pune branch know his wife looks very fair
She looks like milk beauty.
Naina hearing this got more jealous on Ishani she took her phone checked his dp he kept the one which they took in flight close to each other
She throwed mobile on the desk

I think should plot a plan with help of ritika I want Ranveer some how…

PRECAP: Ishani woke up and saw Ranveer was not there.
Naina ask ritika to help to separate ishveer

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