One Friday evening ranveer came home early with movie tickets started searching ishani she was not in kitchen he went and opened his room she was not there too she was in the opposite room was searching in cupboard
He slowly came behind and hugged her she was looking so gorgeous in black screen
She turned and saw it was ranveer
Ishani :you came so early
Ranveer :hmm showing the tickets we are going for a movie. …
Come let’s go…
Ishani :arrey let me get ready

Ranveer :you are looking good in this screen
Ishani:okay at least we should inform maa know
Both came down inform amba went to pvr
Balcony seat.
They sat next to each other
Ranveer hold ishani hand in another hand
She was watching movies in a low tone
Ishani. …movie reviews s not much good
Ishani :kya farq padtha hai ranveer am watching only sid..
She turned and saw his face.
He was looking at her funny anger she kissed his beard. .oh my baby s possessive. …he smiled and hugged her naina called him he dint even noticed it

They shared some cute moments after the movie went for dinner
Naina has come fr shopping she was roaming the mall alone
Later she saw ranveer with ishani going inside Chinese restaurant wangs
Both ordered some veg food started having naina finally found them in a corner where ishani was feeding ranveer both were having it happily after they started to move
Naina was jealous left to home

Ranveer was sitting in bed ishani came out wearing pale pink t-shirt and white patiala she came and sat next to ranveer
He was doing something in laptop was showing her the pics which dey took in train and pune
She saw a pic which ranveer took when they were in fight
Ishani :ranveer when you took this pic
Ranveer :smiled at her naughtily. …..I will not say…
She hit him with his shoulder ranveer: you was looking so cute on that day…

He grabbed her shoulders 1 week I didn’t even get time to speak with youfinally the work is over new designer will be joining next week

He made her slowly lay on the bed…close to her he kissed her tip of the nose she giggle
Slowly moved his hands til t-shirt touched her soft navel she was completely lost in him ishani :you are so naughty ranveer
Ranveer :hmm only with ishani. …
After a while both cuddle with each other
Next day morning both were sleeping close to each other. ..she heard door knock
She opened her eyes saw herself moved ranveer hands took her t-shirt from the floor wear then
opened the door
Parul:bhabi. ..kaki ask me to call you guests are coming today from gaun
Ishani :haan parul you go ….I will come she turned and saw ranveer. .
He was sleeping cutely to her eyes

PRECAP: Naina was happy that ranveer signed the deal ranveer has planned for his honeymoon with ishani to kashmir

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