Naina was admiring ranveer he was leaving home by 9 she too came parking area but he didn’t notice her
He left she was worried he dint even looked at me once
Ranveer reached home fresh up all had dinner went to their rooms
Ishani changed herself came in red satin nighty ranveer was talking with amba in study room regarding parul wedding he said ma am looking for good guy you don’t worry
Amba :ranveer take ishani to meet baa she was asking me
Ranveer; sure maa you take rest
He entered his room ishani was not there she was in washroom washing her face she came out wipe her face with towel..ranveer smiled and came close to her.
Ishani :what? Y you are looking at me like this
Ranveer : wat you said afternoon. .you are missing siddarth malhotra. ..hmm he pulled her close to him
Ishani :laughed. ..cutely haan even you like sunny Leone
Ranveer started Nuzzling. ..No I like only my sunny….
She smiled. ….when they were more close to each other. ..he got a call from Naina ishani asked him to lift the call
With no other way he lifted
Ranveer : hello
Naina:hi ranveer
Ranveer :yes miss Naina
anything important? ??? Ishani was about to move to dressing table he held her with one hand
Signed as No

Naina: actually I just called you casual to talk with you
Ranveer :oh am sorry miss Naina am busy with my family bye hope you don’t mind
Naina :it’s okay bye
Ranveer kept the phone aside took ishani to the bed
Ishani : ranveer. …from tomorrow you will come home late night
Ranveer :hmm yeah ishani. .and if possible Saturday we will go to meet baa okay
Ishani :hmm okay. ..but wat about my siddarth. ..
He came out of the hug saw her….please haan don’t talk about him at night.
I don’t like him..
His face was so cute to her…she touched his beard kissed his forehead

Naina was seeing ranveer profile ritika noticed it she humiliates her by saying you can make him fall for you
Naina :but he has a wife…nd she looks so fair
Ritika :common Naina there is no shriram in the world
Naina looks at Ritika without speaking anything went to her room

Pratik called and inform ishani baa went to haridwar for ten days

1 weekranveer was busy with work he don’t even mind Naina but she kept on texting it’s always one side conversation
Since he is busy hardly find time with ishani

Parul was worried about Krish manas started avoiding her as per lakshmi maasi advice

Ranveer came home with movie tickets …was searching ishani

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