The whole day went with family evening ranveer and ishani went out for dinner with family
Once they reached home ranveer told to maasi I have said ishani to talk with parul so dont worry ishani was in her room lying in the bed was chatting with pratik asking about every one at home
Ranveer was talking with punnet over the phone entered the room discuss about new designer he dint even remember naina name then punnet informed him later he said I do have her contact let us finalised by this weekend

He was busy on the call once he hung up and saw ishani was lying on the bed turned other side her backless sleeves less blouse also tat peach colour perfect suites for ishani he smiled and went close to her took his phone from her hand kept it on the table
He smiled at her
Ishani : touching his cheeks don’t you feel sleepy tomorrow office know. .
Ranveer :hmmmm if you wish I will take leave he is hitting his forehead started Nuzzling her neck slowly her moved here saree kissed her navel (remembering the pune incident ) ishani closing her eyes…he again came to her face she felt so shy hugging him laying on his chest both held each other hands and talkingredients
Ranveer got a call it was naina

He saw ishani smiling and talking so he don’t want to disappointed her ignored the call
Ishani was about to get up let me change. .
Ranveer held her more close ..please no….I loved to see you in saree
He kept his face more close to her face you know first time when I help you to drape saree you were looking so cute and I was out of control. …she smiled and hugged him
Both cuddled each other
And slept close to each other.

Naina got disappointed since ranveer dint lift his call he checked his Wats app he saw his dp tat was ishveer pic which dey took in train close to each other she got jealous of ishani and his status. .with my love.
Next day morning ishani got up ranveer was not there she was about to get up he came inside with a file
Sunny you woke up….he sat next to her in bed
She was arranging her saree proper and her ruffled hair she looks so cute to him
Ishani : you got ready so early
Ranveer :haan ishani
Have meeting am leaving okay
Ishani :she held his hands dint had breakfast. .wait
Ranveer :no ishani
Ishani :array just 5 minutes wil make it

Ranveer stopping her instead of breakfast give me something else
Ishani :with a confused face what…
Ranveer : let me take it….he lowered his lips towards her lips
Ishani : touched his lips with forefinger I dint brush yet..
Ranveer :removed her hands and kissed her he left her after a while hugged her…
Ishani :who was smiling with tonnes of shyness low tone ranveer. …getting late for office
Ranveer slowly came out of the hug saw her with a puppy face she kissed his cheek said bye
He smiled and kissed her forehead love you…ishani smiling and sitting on the bed he left to office
Ishani, got up started to her house hold works with amba lakshmi

Ranveer finished the meeting was sitting in his cabin and smiling thinking about morning incident with ishani tat was the time naina entered she saw him through the glass misunderstood that he was smiling at her
They had a formal discussion ranveer was casual to her but she got admired by him

Dadi:?may be it was just two months am feeling house is empty without ishani
Nitin: haan not
Bua hope she is happy with ranveer
Dadi:she will you don’t worry

Ishani :maa if you give permission shall I go and meet baa once
Amba:array why you are asking beta you wish to go mean something problem
Ishani; thank you ma
Both smiled each other

Baa was playing with Krish
Pratik texted address to ishani

Ranveer called ishani by sitting resting his head in the chair
She lift the call
Ranveer :wat my shonu is doing. ..
Ishani :hmmmm thinking about sirdar the
She laugh
Ranveer; bohat maza aa raha Hain na sstane main. ..hmm

Ishani :nahi toh tum batao had lunch
Ranveer :hmm nahi have to
Ishani; have it soon and tc aur. ..
Ranveer :aur…
Ishani :come home soon….
Ranveer :hmm tike u had know
Ishani; haan just now. ..okay bye…
Ranveer :bye…love you
Ishani :smiled. ..forever. …
Both hung up the call and smiled

Ritika saw naina checking ranveer profile she humiliate her I think you are in love with ranveer. ..make him fall for you

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