Ranveer was busy with his meeting and new client naina Singh
Rishi Nirbhay shenaila brother and ritika all the four has plotted the plan within six months we should finished that Ranveer
Nirbhay :we will becoz I have kept people every where to watch Ranveer business activity and my sister who is doing diamond designing company she got a tie up with rv business we will have all the news.
Ritika : perfect let’s work on it

Naina wantedly delayed the meeting presentation after meeting rv she slowly false for him
Once the meeting was over Ranveer saw the time it was 8:45 oh my God. ..ishani he took his mobile and saw missed calls he rushed to home
Mean while he forget the cd which was given by naina it has a sample designs
Ranveer reached home by 9:45 becoz of traffic ishani was serving dinner for all Ranveer entered the hall amba asked him to join ishani dint even looked at him he knew that she is angry he left was climbing stairs ishani turned and saw him in her own thoughts can’t he call me once let him come will not speak to him at least for a week
Ranveer fresh himself as fast changed in to a white t shirt and grey Pant he came down started having dinner ishani served him without looking at him amba ask ishani to have she also had dinner Ranveer was confused don’t know how to convince all finished the dinner came to hall Naina entered with watchman security

Watchman:sir ji she told that ur business clients need to talk something important
Ranveer saw her in a confusing face and said yeah you go
Naina was in a modern attire plazo
She came forward and gave cd to Ranveer you forget this Mr. Rv nd sorry for disturbing at this time nd with out informing you came to ur home
Ranveer : oh tats okay my mobile was in my room was having dinner with my family
She came forward and hugged Ranveer said bye
Ishani who was already in anger now got more anger
Ranveer stood with out hugging her turned and saw ishani. his thoughts bas isi ki kami this. ..
He clear his throat and said called …by signalling his eyes. my ishani.
Naina turned and saw ishani looks so fair she got jealous b
She gave a formal smile and both bid a good bye till entrances she left before Ranveer could turn ishani went to his room
She went and sat on the bed
Ranveer who came fast after could not find her in the hall about to climb the steps amba stopped him and said Ranveer. ..we should search perfect match for parul

Ranveer :haan maa sure
Amba:hmm tike beta you go and take rest
Ranveer walked so fast opened his room, and saw ishani was sitting on the bed
He closed the door and came sat in the bed next to ishani
Ishani who was keeping alarm in her mobile dint even looked at him she kept the mobile in lamps tand

Ranveer slowly hugged her from behind ishani held his hands leave me am going to change
Ranveer : no need to change. .he gave a naughty smile
By saying this he was about to hug her she moved from him went to her cupboard he came and took her in his arms came to the bed
Made her lay on the bed he came close to her

Ishani :wat you are doing leave me
Ranveer :he held his cheeks kya hua. shonu is angry on me
Ishani looked at him moved away went to dressing table started removing her earing bangles
Ranveer came hugged her behind turned her towards him I will take to out tomorrow. really sorry stuck with meeting
Ishani saw him am not angry for that can’t you call me once
Ranveer : was in a meeting ishani mobile was in silent

Ishani :it’s okay am gonna sleep
Ranveer switched off the lights and night lamp s on before ishani could react he made her lay in the bed came above her kissed her forehead
Ishani was in anger. …you can’t convince me that easily nd who is she can’t she say bye in words by saying this face she turned her face
Ranveer : oh possessive my shonu. ..
Ishani :y….only you can be possessive. .I will not be speaking to while she was speaking
Ranveer was admired her face and lips whivj was glowing in the night lamp she was a client ishani just came to give that cd

Ishani : watever before she could completed Ranveer kissed her lips ishani was still
confused he left her after few minutes
He hugged her more close I love you no one can replace you in my life . ..she smiled but
Dint show to him
He came out of the hug and saw her
Still angry ….hmm tell me what I have to do
Ishani :somehow you will melted me and convincing. ..
Ranveer smiled at her you looked son cute today

Ishani : only today
Ranveer :hmm my you always cute but today kuch zyadha hi beautiful hai
By saying this he touched his cheeks with one hand…she was looking at him
Ranveer slowly removed his saree ishani who was holding Ranveer cheeks dint even realise wat he is doing. ..
They consummate their wedding
After a while they were cuddled each other
Ishani saree blouse Ranveer t-shirt were scattered on the floor
Ranveer looks at ishani :you are only mine….am so happy I never thought will get you in my life
Ishani turned to him touch his beard am always yours ….I love you Ranveer. .Ranveer hitting his forehead with her forehead
Love you too ishani
Tomorrow whole day I will be with you. ..
Okay ishani with a smile hugged him

He kissed her cheeks they slept hugging each other.
Next day morning 6 o clock ishani phone alarm was ringing
She was slowly opend her eyes and was about to got up saw Ranveer moved his hands away from her
She stopped the alarm turned and saw Ranveer again caress his hair kissed his forehead
She took towel hide herself also her dresses an went to washroom came out and wearing peach colour design saree making herself ready went down

Around 8:30 Ranveer woke up and dint find ishani next to him
Then he also went to fresh up and came out
He came down was searching ishani amba asked him to sit on dining table ishani came out of the kitchen with a bowl both smiled at each other since she dint slept well she looks dull with her eyes

All started having breakfast parul..what happen bhabhi looked so dull dint sleep well…
Ishani managing tone …saw Ranveer who also look at her woh actually. ..cold hai parul. .tats y Ranveer was smiling
Baa:Manas leave Krish here i will take care
Manas: tike Baa

Ranveer was talking with ishani who was laying on his chest he got a call from naina
Ishani was in a good mood by seeing her Ranveer kept his mobile as it is…

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