Bua and nitin reached pune started towards home
Ranveer got ready had breakfast started to leave is not good so flights are delay we will go by train be ready 4 o clock is our train let me go office inform them will handle it from Mumbai

Ishani:okay ranveer
By saying this he left to office
Around 10 o clock dadi and nitin reached home
Ishani opened the door she hugged dadi they fresh up and came had breakfast together
Dadi asked About ranveer then she slowly started about explain everything
Nitin:as ur wish beta you can leave mumbai

Dadi too said the same
She packed her bag with sarees dadi gave one new red saree to her
Around 1:30 ranveer came home all together had lunch
After lunch nitin said take care of ishani ..
Ranveer :sure ji you and dadi also can come to Mumbai
Ishani also called
Dadi :nahi beta you both come when you find time but will surely will come and visit you okay
Ranveer and Ishani started dadi hugged Ishani both cried she advised don’t ever leave ranveer
Ranveer :thank you dadi
Ishani :c uncle dey form a team
Nitin by seeing the cute behaviour of his daughter am always in your team beta..he touched her forehead and blessed her

Ranveer and Ishani get in to the car started to railway station
While in car he informed amba they have started
She overwhelming I happiness ordered Malaysia to prepare dinner
They reached station and got in to the train
It was first Class Ac Cube 4 hrs 45 minutes travel
Ranveer removed his brown blazzare kept their trolleys and bags sat on the berth.

Ishani too sat next to him he hold her hands saw her train started to move.
Wantedly you booked in train …she smiled ranveer :hmm …so 4 hours no disturbance only you and me by saying this ranveer laid his he’s in her lap Ishani sat near the window
Ishani kept her foot on the opposite berth she started caressing his hair he held heranother hand with his hand.
Ishani :when we will reach ….
Ranveer :8 of clock is think y??
Ishani :hmm just asked you
You have become so naughty she pinched his cheeks
Ranveer :becoz of you only …he smiled at her

Later he got up sat close to Ishani do you remember once you all went to lonavala me and baba stayed at home to take care of the works you were written in a diary wat all you have done where all you have been you have written in that you loved train journey.
Ishani was looking at him she saw him with a lovely look you are so cute ranveer you still remember it.
She hugged him ..we will go lonavala
Ranveer :if you say yes even now i can change the plan. ..
She hit his shoulders cutely. ..I knew u will say like this.not now after some time

Amba was preparing all favourite dishes of ranveer she was waiting for him

Manas :baa ranveer and Ishani is coming today baa is very happy

Ranveer and Ishani reached home amba took arti for them

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