Ranveer was looking at ishani as he always love to stare his love outside it’s started raining with lightnine and thunder again since the window was opened loud thunder has come she woke up and saw Ranveer was awake she held his cheeks and ask what happened. She slowly about to get up ranveer held her more close and nodded as nothing he slowly touched her cheeks with index finger ishani smiled and turned more close to him
I never thought that my ranveer is dis much romantic. ..
Ranveer;:hmm only with ishani

Ranveer hit his forehead with her forehead kissed her cheeks you look so gorgeous in green sateen
Ishani raised her face above and saw him …in this simple saree. ..
Ranveer touched her lips with his forefinger my ishani is always beautiful
Both hugged each other he came out of the hug and saw her shared an eye lock
He knew that she is lost in him slowly trying to unpin her saree becoming naughty when it was about to fall ishani held it
Ishani : ranveer no get well soon and
Ranveer: c am perfectly fine

She dint listen about to turn other side ..ranveer turned her to him .Acha tike be with me
I have already stayed far away from you now I can’t
She smiled and went close to him both cuddled each other and slept .
Next Day morning
Train was about to reach pune
Ishani got up from the bed she saw ranveer
Moved his hands away from her making her saree proper went to washroom took bath came out with peach and pink combination saree making herself ready started to prepare breakfast
Ranveer woke up and saw the time it was 7 he searching ishani went to kitchen she was soon cute in her wet hair hugged her from behind she touched his cheeks you woke up
Ranveer :hmm ishani pack ur bag we will be leaving by noon

Ishani :haan ranveer even dadi and nitin uncle will arrive now
We will inform and can leave okay.
Ranveer was thinking wheather to say ishani about the identity of her real father
Ishani shaked his shoulders ranveer what happen..
Ranveer cleared his throats nothing ishani let me fresh up and come she said okay
Ranveer :now only she is talking to me every thing has become normal if she got angry again means no …I don’t want to hide this from her but let me tell this later to her

Dadi hugged ishani and was crying she advised ishani never leave ranveer nitin touched her head take care beta

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