Ishani saw sharman as he left she turned and came inside. Ranveer: go fresh and come will have lunch
Since he felt fragile he went washed his face was thinking something in his mind wiped his face with towel came changed himself in grey t-shirt he came out saw Ishani in the kitchen with anshu
Anshu smiled at him all the three started having lunch
After lunch ranveer went inside the room was doing some thing in his phone Anshu went out with his friends to play
Ishani came inside she saw the window seat open again it started raining
She was closing the window and saw ranveer sat on the bed
She came to him ask fever s not there know..
Let me bring hot water bowl with cotton he held her hands and in a instant tone.
Why you did like this Ishani? ???

Ishani with a not understanding look wat happen ranveer :you said lie so that I could marry ritika. .
How can you. ..Ishani
I mean it doesn’t matter to you rite
Ishani: ranveer please woh Mujhe laga. ..I mean I thought u have started move on with her she is carrying your baby
Ranveer : what
Ranveer : dis is the problem ishani you never trusted me since from the day you came to know i love you. .
Ishani : no ranveer please. …would
Ranveer :tats d fact ishani yu have humiliated every one at home. ..he started coughing again
Ishani held him ranveer please take rest
He was not listening to her…he moved his hands away from her

Later she turned went and sat close to him ranveer am sorry plz ….ranveer was in anger
Ishani : Wats dis ranveer. …
Ranveer : wat should I listen. not important to you and you can leave me for anyone
Now am really confused. ..if you will leave me again I will definitely die
Ishani…..touch his lips with her index finger plz ranveer don’t say like this I can’t see you in pain tats y I took the blame of that murder…she started crying by saying this and hugged him.
Ranveer slowly hugged her back …if you really don’t want to see me in pain never leave me ishani.she reciprocated. ..never.
Both were hugging passionately she slowly came out of the hug had tears in her eyes.
Ranveer wiped her tears. .she was looking at him

It was raining outside heavily.
She touched his cheeks please take rest we haven’t been to doctor
Ranveer : I will be fine if you are near me..he smiled
Ishani too smiled lightly .he half laid on the bed signed her come close she went and rested her head in chest he held her fingers with his hands
Interlocked with his fingers.
After a while she thought ranveer has slept she was about to move. .ranveer mobile got rang it was amba.
She saw him he was sleeping calmly she looked so cute to him
She lift the call and inform amba he is sleeping

It was evening ranveer woke up and saw ishani was not there..white clothe was kept on his forehead
He took his mobile so many missed call since ishani kept it in silent mode
He spoke to amba and then called puneet regarding some work in Mumbai office it took 2 hours he completed his work and came out he couldn’t find ishani in hall kitchen finally he saw her in her room folding saree.
He smiled and went hugged her behind she felt it was him turned to him touched his cheek …are you okay now he replied by closing and openin his eyes …hmm
He moved little more close to her she felt so shy was seein the floor Anshu came and called
Didi…both got disturbed she moved a little away from him
Sharman called baa and said ishani is fine and she deny to come home..he is on the way will reach home by tonight.
Bua and nitin get in to the train started towards pune.
Ranveer was playing business cards
with Anshu

Ranveer was looking at ishani who laids next to him she was looking like an angel to him

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