Morning 6:30 it was a cloudy morning ishani slowly got up from the bed she saw ranveer who is sleeping calmly slowly took his hands from her touched his forehead he doesn’t have temperature she got up and went to fresh up
She wear peacock blue colour saree went to k kitchen to prepare food
Dadi called ranveer since he was sleeping dint left the call later he got disturb by the vibration slowly got up from the bed he couldnt find ishani next to him he sat on the bed about to take his mobile he felt something on the
Hand ishani ‘s earing he got a smile by seeing this.
Then he took mobile and dialled spoke to Dadi
He was very happy and said every thing is fine
Dadi was happy and conveyed to nitin also
Ranveer got up and fresh up himself came to hall dint find ishani
He saw in the kitchen she was preparing food sand anshu was talking with her
He got a smiled went near them

Anshu :good morning uncle
Ranveer : good morning
By hearing this ishani turned and saw him
He smiled and came near her ishani was looking at him anshu was there. ..ranveer look ato him
Ranveer : let me leave to office
Ishani :but…you are not feeling well
Ranveer :no am fine now
Ishani; okay have food and then leave
Ranveer : no I mean

Anshu heard some one calling him outside he ran by saying dhi Rihan s calling am going to play football
Once he left. .ranveer came close to hertouched her cheeks you don’t come to office i mean whole night you dint dint sleep well so take rest

Ishani : even you dint sleep well know…
Ranveer :I will come by afternoon okay…she nodded yes
Okay come have breakfast
He held her hands again. ..she asked him what
Ranveer : new fashion uh….1ly 1 earing
Ishani : what
Ranveer; he indicate her another ear….earing was not there
Ishani : she touched and felt…I think have lost some where
Ranveer was having it in his hand and showed to her
She asked him but he dint gave her.
He make her to wear it
Turned her towards him
Both were looking at each other.

He got call from amba started talking after a while both had breakfast.
He was up to leave came to ishani pulled her behind. .ishani..
Ishani : you have meeting by at 10 ….
Ranveer :I knew it…..woh promise me we
Will leave Mumbai by dis weekend
Ishani :she was smiling at him
Ranveer :wat….still angry on me. ..
Ishani : hmm she nodded as no
Ranveer got smiled ..let me leave and come back soon.
He hugged her and said bye ishani:take care .
He left…she started to prepare lunch.
Bua and nitin …were in gujarat
Today midnight is our train tomorrow evening we will reach bua

Manas:baa sharman knew ishani pune address from kanchan aunty
Baa shocked and got up really. ..
Don’t know what he is going to he is very much angry on ranveer.
Manas: haan baa she is with nitin ji only
I have tried calling ranveer number but it was busy.

Ranveer was about to enter the house at noon
Ishani stood silently in the hall
Sharman :have you forget ishani how much dey have insulted you and he was with that ritika for 8 months come let’s go home


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    Superb Varsha it was too nice your writing skill is very nice keep it up waiting for the next episode 😊

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