Ishani sat next to ranveer both were looking at each other.
Ranveer : you had dinner? ??
Ishani: hmm
Ranveer got cough ..ishani gave cough syrup held his shoulder and said take rest…don’t talk much. .

He held her hands I need to talk to you
Ishani was looking at him ..slowly made him to
laid on the bed and she was about to turn he pulled his hands towards him on the bed
She fell on above him..
Ranveer slowly took her hand caressed her hair
What you were saying. I havent told you before tat I was loving you.i don’t think I am capable for you..and

Ishani : interrupted what you were thinking if you have money and well settled then only I will love you… you never understand m
He was looking at her calmly and got light smile

She was up to move from him ranveer made her laid next to him he is not in a mood to leave her
It was raining heavily ishani was wearing light weight dull brick red colour saree.
Ishani: in a low tone leave me ranveer and sleep then only you will get well soon
Ranveer kept his finger on her lips if you want me to get well soon please be near me or else tell me you don’t want me in your life he took her hand and kept in his head ..I don’t want to be live..since he is not feeling well she immediately took her hands from his head.
Ishani: stop your nonsense talk and please sleep ranveer you know only to hurt me
Ranveer : as if you never hurt me…don’t you remember wat you did…
Ishani : wat I did you mean to say ..becoz of me only you got fever
Ranveer : stop it ishani…you go and sleep you will also get fever..he was about to move away from her
Ishani : whatever you say I need to listen…
Ranveer held her close to him when you have listen to me..if you would have listen we would have not suffer

Ishani : so you meant to say everything is becoz of me….as if you dint do anything
Ishani:why you supported that Chirag how come you were suggesting him to me
Ranveer : hit his forehead with her forehead tat was my situation. ..Ishani
Ishani : slowly took her face and looking at him
You are really mad ranveer
Ranveer :haan becoz of you and you only making me mad
Heavy rain wind thunderstorms …power went off
Ishani:am making you mad. .then y you want to be with me
Ranveer : don’t know….
Ishani:get some one who is intelligent and will make you intelligent
Ranveer held her more need it want only my sunny
Ishani:some how you will melted me know easily
Ranveer : easily….only I know how tough it is….and it’s been 10 months now only I find time to talk to my wife.

Ishani was looking at him ….it’s only not becoz of me
Ranveer :am really sorry ishani and even it’s not becoz of me ….please never leave me if you leave me again I will be no..
Ishani kept her finger on his lips ..don’t say anything. are not well. .even still you have slight fever we don’t have tablets too..
Ranveer interrupted who said…have medicine ishani raised her face where it is …let me
Ranveer :give me a hug I will be perfectly fine
Ishani finally got a light smile bowed her head and took her hand both hugged each other.
After few mins ishani: sorry ranveer becoz of me only you came to terrace and got drenched in rain there is no reply from ranveer
She slowly came out of the hug and saw him sleeping becoz of tat cough syrup he fall sleep
Ishani make him laid on the bed he was holding her tightly she laid next to him by keeping her hands on his chest.

Next day morning
Sharman : baa am leaving to pune by evening directly from office
Baa:tike sharman
Bua and nitin were in relative home we will sale the property today
We can leave home know by tonight
Baa : nahi we will start tomorrow morning
Let me call ranveer and ask.becoz your daughter will not exactly what happened
Nitin :bua. .

Ranveer got up by 7:30 he sat on the bed but dint find ishani next to him he was about to take his hand from the bed he find ishani studs.

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