Next day early morning dadi and nitin started for leaving to gujarat.
Nitin : beta. ..bua wants to sale her property tats y we are leaving we will be back in three days.
Take care and be safe.
Ishani : okay uncle no problem
Dadi smiled to her take care and ranveer too

She nodded yes

Both left and ishani came inside after three hours she prepared breakfast lunch and started getting ready.
Ranveer was not well he got cold some how he managed and get up dressed himself and came out.
She was packing her lunch in dining table both looking at each other.
She said breakfast. ..he came forward and sat both had quietly then started to leave she was locking the door.
He was up to call her to came in his car but her cab came she went and get inside
Ranveer went and took his car which was parked outside it was covered with a plastic sheet since there is no parking space in nitin home.
He got sneezing cough cold…drive slowly he was not active like usual days
He went to his cabin he called sameer and cancelled his meeting’s rested his head in chair
Ishani was stick to her work ranveer dint even came out
After lunch she finished her work all started to leave she also left
She got in cab and one of her cab mate was talking about ranveer she started thinking about him he was not normal today…she reached home
Anshu came she started playing with him

Ranveer who was not well slept in his desk itself he dint even had his lunch
Amba called him since phone was in vibrates mode started ring ranveer felt something and woke up.
He lift and spoke to Amba he managed and haven’t told her about his health
After hung up the call he came out he couldn’t find anyone saw the time it was 6:30
He started in his car and reached home around 7:20
He pressed calling bell ishani was in kitchen she sent Anshu to open the door.
He open the door and shouted Dhi. …. Mumbai wale uncle….
She replied. ..okay
Since he was not well no energy also he went to the room changed himself and laid in the bed
He slept becoz of tired.
Ishani was playing chatting with Anshu. ..after a while she heard door nock again she went with Anshu and opened it was komal aunts with umbrella
It was raining heavily
Ishani : aunty you came
Anshu: mamma
Komal : haan ishani due to rain all trains got cancelled
Come anshu will go home thanks ishani
Ishani : it’s okay aunty and anshu had dinner.gud nyt anshu
Anshu :gud nyt dhi

She closed the door and saw the time it was 9:30
Let me call him for dinner wat he is doing she knocked the door twice but no response it was opened.
She slowly opened and saw him he is sleeping
She got confused and went near him called him and shook his shoulders ranveer. ..ranveer. ..
She felt he s having fever
He was slowly opening his eyes but felt fragile
Ishani sat on the bed are you okay…what happened to you.
Ranveer : nothing. .he slowly got up she held him touched his neck and forehead. ..
Ishani: you have fever. .she said in a stammer tone let me.let me get tablet for you she ran to dadi room and took some pills

She went to kitchen took phulka with bhindi and came
She gave him the plate and ask him to have he started having he just had one and refused hshe gave the pills to him
Since he was sneezing and he laid in the bed ishani got scared
Becoz of the pills ranveer slept ishani went to kitChen came with bowl of water and white cloth she kept on his forehead.
She dint had dinner
She sat next to him rubbed his hands cuz fever was not reduced. ..
Then she sat down and covered him with blanket she rubbed his hands cuz the climate was so cool he was shivering. ..
Ishani slept by sitting on the floor and keeping her head on the bed since she was rubbing ranveer hands her hand was holding his hand

Around 3:45 ranveer got cough and woke up to drink water which was kept near by lampstand he was about to take his hand he felt something turned and saw ishani over there
He slowly took his hands and careessed her hair saw her face in thought’s. …dis much you love me and I always love your care for me and wanted it to be only for me.
He got cough again discuss time ishani got up she stood and sat on the bed
She touch his forehead and ask what happens? She took the cough syrup and gave him
He slowly had it by seeing her face which was really tensed
She saw only half bottle of hot water is left..she took it and said let me go and bring it
He held her hands and signed her to sit next to him
She sat with out saying anything

Shadow men met Ritika in the jail ..c I don’t have much money but I want to take revenge of that ranveer but I will help you to come out of the jail once you came by using your property we will spoil ranveer
You must be very angry on him know infact he Cheated you by fake marriage

Nitin and dadi reached surat….bua I really don’t know what ishani is thinking she came to me by leaving every one
But am not taking care of her properly
Second time I left her and came like this
Dadi : don’t worry ranveer will take care of her
Nitin looks at her silently. ..

PRECAP: Ranveer held ishani closely to him sI ishani : wat you were thinking. …if you have money and we’ll settled the

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