Ranveer climbed the staircase with angry face very fastly he reached the terrace searching ishani she took her clothes and about to turn her saree got stuck in that grill where jasmine plants were holded she was trying to remove it ranveer went near her removed it and grab the clothes from her hand kept it on the rope ishani raised her face and saw him he was in complete anger she knew that he is in anger got feared
It started drizzling she was trying to move but he hold her tightly
Ranveer : what you were thinking in your mind?
Tumhe nahi lagta kuch zyadha hi bhav khati hu tum) don’t you think you are showing too much attitude. No one will bear it…
Ishani: who is asking you to bear it…
Ranveer : (in angry tone) held her close ..let me talk
Wat you were saying at down….you know how much you have hurted me.
Until today you never understand how much I love you how much you mean to me.
She was seeing slightly another side.
Why are you doing like this and you are happy with it.
I have explained everything to you still you are sticking with that.
Fine … don’t want me right held her hands keeping in his tell me tat you don’t love me and am not in your heart don’t even care if I die also…ishani felt hurt by hearing his words she suddenly took it from him
She started to leave…

Ranveer dint leave her hands and said answer me otherwise I will not let u go
Ishani : wat you are trying to do
You only told me know tat I should just listen no need to speak
Now I don’t wish to speak
Ranveer; you don’t need to speak just answer my question
Ishani : wat I have to say…. If I would have stayed 6 months with someone will do a fake marriage and will come to you ranveer shouts. .ISHANI. ……..he got anger
Even you were withshikar
Ishani: shikar knew very well tat i never loved him
Ranveer:who asked you to leave me it’s all becoz of your stupidity.
Yu never trusted me
Ishani : you are talking about trust and water you said I left you tats you ritika came in to your life.

If tats a mistake becoz of you only Chirag came in to my life
First time I hate him to the core but later you only making him to pretend as soo good.
You can’t see me with any one but I should compromise and forget whatever you have done.i have seen you with her in restaurants shikar family functions. was raining heavily she started crying and said No one can love me like you do also no one can hurt me as you did
Both were standing in the rain
And do you ever realise your mistakes. always saying know I have never understood your love
How will I understood since from our teenage you have started saying me you are in love with a girl but never revealed me who is that girl

If I know my best friend is committed to some one was lightening with thunder.
She hugged him in fear.ranveer who dint expected it hugged her back.
Rain started heavily he caressed her back both got drenched ishani after a while moved away and went down fastly.
Nitin dadi and komal aunty with other neighbours were leaving talking at the entrance. Ishani who came down with a wet saree went to her room changed herself in olive green with purple colour salwar was sitting in bed.
Ranveer was standing in the terrace by thinking about her words..slowly started to came down.

Dadi and nitin came inside by seeing ranveer Wats dis beta you got drenched. .go and change tat was ishani came out with her wet hair he saw dadi.
Dadi: by showing ranveer trolley bag keep it inside nitin he will be staying here only go and change come beta we will have dinner
Ishani was shocked by hearing this

Ranveer went to change himself
Ishani : dadi. …
Dadi:ishani keep dinner on the table beta…c nitin he was helped you bygiving job can’t you let him stay here for three weeks.
By the time ranveer came out.all four started having dinner
Dadi: feel at home beta she smiled
Ishani was having silently
Dadi signed to Nitin….he slowly started ishani beta me and bua is leaving to bua’s village in gujarat she needs to sale it
Tomorrow morning
Ishani :uncle let me also come
Dadi :array nahi ishani I mean beta anshu so having exam komal s leaving to kolkatta to see her grandmother she was not well tat time I told we will take care of him but now it’s a sudden plan if we said no means they will feel bad know
Ishani : ji okay you go and come safely
Ranveer looking at her face

All finished the dinner retired to room ranveer was in ishani thoughts
Ishani was thinking how she s going to be with him

PRECAP: ranveer was not feeling well he got slight fevery he dint even get up from bed
ishani knocked the door twice

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