ishani went inside the dadi room and was arranging bed dadi was seeing her and went out with an umbrella to neighbour house.

nitin showed room to ranveer he changed himself and came inside was standing the near the window.

dadi came with neighbour bengali aunty and some kids
ntin: bua yeh kya hai???
dadi: nitin they came or iskon janmashtami celebrations u knew rite they are staying with komal aunty for 1 week power cut hai they are strugglin we need to help them know tats y i bring them here we have power in our home know we need to help them know..move
nitin : dadi wats dis then wat ishani will do wher shall she will sleep

dadi: nitin …plz while sayin this ishani came out….ishani beta take this pillow and bedsheet give it to ranveer go
ishani: dadi main kyun…
dadi: beta mehmaan bhagwan hota hai
ishani had no other way she went inside his room and kept pillow and blanket in his cot and about to turn ranveer held her hand and stopped her she was looking at him in anger
wat you are doing
ranveer: i have to ask this y you are doing like this.

ishani forcely let his hand and said…i dont wish to say anything
she left suddenly ranveer came behind her he saw 7 childrens and komal aunty
komal: thank yo nitin dada for this timely help hope yu dont have any prob
dadi: no prob komal just fr tonigh know

dadi ask four children to sleep in her room and two in hall couch and three in nitin room …ishani yu sleep in your room beta Nitin was standing with a silent face looking at dadi

dadi: nitin dont worry am doing all this for ishani only,,,nitin shaked his head and left

ishani got confused with dadi ranveer slowly came and stood behind her in a slow tone …i dont have any problem yu can..before he could complete

ishani: no need

ranveer: only kitchen is left ..are yu goin to sleep there.. .. i knew climate is cold and yu lways get admired by me cuz you cant control by yourself RV…..

Ishani: by showing her hands in ront of him wat you are thinking wantedly yu are irritating me…you cant convince me at any moment

ranveer: oh really challenge accepted

ishani: wat challenge?

ranveer: just now you have told know…she gave a not minding look to him and went inside the room

she went and stand near the window ranveer came inside his phone starts ringing ..amba calling him

she turns and look at him he started speaking to her …

sharman was packing his things looking at leaving for baroda baa let me search her there one of my college met is in baroda

baa: wats dis beta? just listen to me wait for some time i mean go after janmashtami

sharman: baa y you are saying like this

baa: dekho sharman i always say you for your goodness.

ishani went out to the hall ans ask the two kids to sleep in the room with ranveer they become happy and jump in to the bed started fighting for the side

ranveer hung up the call and see them with a confused face ishani was standing with a smile at the entrance have a good night MR.RV…she left to hall

ranveer keep his hand on head dont know wat to do came out to hall ishani was nt ther she was drinkin water in kitchen about to close the fridge. ranveer held her and made her sit on the floor he sat opposite to her

both shared a eye lock

ranveer: bohat maza aaraha hai na mujhe satane main(you are enjoyin by irritating me)???

ishani: you are doin this to me

he held her cheeks she was looking at him wat do you want ishani…wat else i have to do

ishani: she slowly moved his hands how many times i have to say you…no need to do anything just leave me alone she get up and cam to hall laid in the couch he was staring at her.

ranveer went inside the room and laid in the bed with a conufused face. ishani went and looks at him and she came back.

next day morning around 6:30 dadi came out he saw ranveer also coming out of the room …she smiled

ranveer: let me leave dadi nitin came from the opposite room

dadi: hmm have chai then leave beor that tell me wat happen have you talked to her

ranveer: kahan dadi… he explained about the flop plan of dadi.. nitin was smiling at bua…

dadi: where is she now????? nitin: kitchen bua she packed my lunch too am leaving office tc ranveer ..haan let me talk to her once tonight and to bua aur aapp ,,,plz stop your funny plans cuz she is as much as stubborn like falguni

dadi: c ranveer he s teasing me you are in my team know

ranveer : by holding her shoulders haan dadi.. all three were laughing

ishani came out with a tablet by saying uncle have this ..all three turned and saw her..

she was in brown saree looks so elegant also her hair was wet

nitin: getting tablet from her bye beta

ishani :bye uncle

ishani gave not minding look about to move dadi interrupted ishani bring chai fr ranveer and me too

she and give it to dadi and to ranveer and said dadi am leaving office today
i have prepared everything let me go and get ready

ranveer and dadi have got their next plan ready and he left.

ishani came out and searching him,,,dadi was seeing her tapped her shoulders are you searching ranveer

ishani: Arrey nahi dadi…Stammered i wss seeing wheather this kids have woke up or not

she saw ranveer mobile he forgot and left dadi also noticed it
give it t him beta it seems he forgot


ranveer announced team outing to a resort on saturday evening and its mandatory for all employees
ishani was not even looking at him. dadi said to nitin: i am going to ask ranveer to stay in our house
nitin stood up by hearing this and shocked.

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