Ranveer was restless in office around 5:30 he came out from office started in car it was cloudy and it will rain at any moment
Dadi: ishani am going fr near by temple yu also come beta
Ishani : nahi dadi let me make dinner you go and come
I think nitin uncle will also come
Dadi went to temple
She was thinking for a while then moved to kitchen
Dadi came out he saw Ranveer entering the house both got smiled he got blessings from her.
Dadi: Yeh kya hua beta?
Ranveer : by seeing his hand kuch nahi dadi ise
Dadi: am going to temple go ishani so there. ..and she is alone only dadi mocked at him
He too smiled and went inside
Ishani who was in lavender colour saree was taking vegetables from the fridge.
She took and turned towards by seeing Ranveer at the entrance she got shocked. and dropped all bhindi on floor
Outside it starts raining. …
Both were staring at each other. Finally Ranveer broke the silence she started taking it from floor. Ranveer : not bad my wife already knew it seems I will be coming home she s preparing bhindi for me
Ishani: not for you
Ranveer : well….. I heard youre not feeling well
What happen to you
Ishani : (in anger tone) whatever happened to me fever headache vomit wats ur problem ranveer : wat….vomiting even i dint do anything last night then how he gave a funny look
Ishani gave a not minding look since it started raining outside power has gone ishani took the candle from cupboard she lit and kept it on the slab she was trying to close the window. becoz
of the wind Ranveer went close to her saw the
with dow closed the door she was about to move he held her hands she was looking at him even in that candle light she looks bright for him he came close to her he could clearly see some
rain drops on her face while closing the window cuz of drizzling
He touched her face with both the hands tried
her best to moved away buto all went in vain

Ranveer kissed her on lips …it was raining heavily outside it was a minute then he hugged
her tightly. ightning and thunderstorms were
Ranveer don’t want to leave her at all.
Since the house was so dark nitin entered home by calling ishani beta. …bua By hearing his voice
ishani came to conscious and pushed him away.
She moved towards the hall with candle and saw him uncle you are drenched. seems

Nitin: arrey nahi beta am fine by drying his hair he saw Ranveer behind ishani
Ranveer : hello sir
Nitiin :arrey Ranveer sit
ishani : uncle dadi went to temple I think she got stuck in rain
While she was saying this. ..don’t worry I came he closed umbrella and came actually itloudy so I took umbrella and went by seeing Ranveer arrey beta when you came
Ranveer : also smiled at dadi and as if he seeing her now itself just now dadi ishani was ignored him completely
Dadi to nitin: nitin ask Ranveer to have dinner
with us you were telling know once he was
Nitin : stammer tone by seeing ishani haan ji bua
Ishani; woh dadi how he will have here is I
Mean let him have in his 5 star hotel actually he was about to leave by seeing you people he stay back
Ranveer :look at her in funny anger no dadi let
me have dinner with you
Ishani got more anger and went inside nitin went change himself and came power has come ishani started cooking dadi also helped her
Ranveer and nitin were talking about shares and everything.
Ishani finished cooking so quickly so that Ranveer can leave home soon but dadi was having something else in mind.
All the four sat for dinner ishani started having food quietly
Dadi: how is the food beta
Ranveer : delicious dadi in fact I want to gift something for the one who prepared it he was looking at ishani
Dadi: all credits go to ishani
Ranveer : oh I thought it was you dadi…he smiled at her
Nitin was looking at bua…wat she s doing?
Dadi: in eyes ..everything s okay
Rain was not stopped at all
Ranveer was about to leave ishani was standing near the sofa by seeing floor
Dadi: beta how will you go i mean it’s raining heavily better you stay here for tonight
Come on nitin tell him know
Nitin was seeing ishani bua and Ranveer don’t know how to react slowly haan Ranveer stay here for tonight
Ishani was shocked dadi….how he will he can’t be comfortable no ac let him leave
Ranveer : thnq dadi stay and I don’t need ac in fact we were in a small house only
But I was very much happy at time
Today I have everything and am not tat much happy he was looking at ishani she also looks at him
Dadi tapped his shoulders it’s really great beta
you did forgot about your old days
Go and take rest
Nitin you have one new white Kurt a know give that to him fr change
Ishani in a instant tone : dadi let me sleep with
you today


Ishani came and kept the pillow and bedsheet in cot she was about to turn Ranveer stopped her
Nitin ask dadi Wats dis bua what you were doing now ishani was supposed to sleep with yu know what she will do now

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