Ishani started to office she was in light green screen Nitin also left for his work.
Ishani reached office she find everyone roaming here and there arranging something.
Her new colleague Akshara came
Akshara : Ishani yu know our company got a tie up with big Mumbai stock broking solutions and we have meeting at 11 with our new GM yaar woh kitna handsome patha hai.his name is….

Before she could complete
Sameer: ishani you came you will be the P.A for new G.M so yu make ready ofor every thing in huddle room
Ishani lightly smiled and get to work
Huddle room lights were turned off. Presentation slides were on by sammeer Arjun who is the manager of R&R company welcome a young handsome guy all girls were curious to see him except ishani.
He reached the dias near by slides Arjuna announce let’s Welcome Mr.RV.
Ishani was shocked by hearing this. .ranveer with a bright smile looking so dashing in his blue blazzere.
The presentations were over and Arjun started introducing every one to RV.
One by one greeted him
Sameer: glad to meet you sir heard a lot about you
Rv: that
Akshara : she was blushing and smiling pleased to meet you sir she shake hands with him
Rv: he planned to make jealous his sunny. Nyc name akshara yu look cute.
Ishani got irritated by his actions though she dinth shown
Arjun introduced ishani to him
She is miss ishani was my p.a he greeted with his hand
Ishani folded her hands and said Namaste.
RV : Arjun ur p.a is very traditional. He was smiling funny anger went to his cabin

After fifteen min Arjun came and bid good bye to his team mates ishani am leaving for my
nasik branch so here after don’t worry new manager is very good guy.
Ishani with anger knocked his cabin
Ranveer who was sitting relaxing in the chair said come in…after seeing her
Ranveer: yes miss…..sry forget your name
Ishani : in a instant tone no need to remember. resigning dis job right now
Ranveer: I knew you cant control yourself wen I am near by you and even you can’t concentrate on work you will be admiring me
Ishani: excuse me..what….
Ranveer: it’s okay sunny you can leave
Ishani: stop calling me sunny
Ranveer:he slowly stood up and came near her…you want to leave you can go cuz all girls will fall for dis RV.
Ishani : in a sharp anger look but Ishani never fall
Ranveer: oh your name is ishani…okay then proved it
Ishani : how
Ranveer: if you are not falling for me you should have not decided to resign the job
Ishani:let me proved it
Ranveer: okay let me see
She left his cabin in anger he was so happy was admiring her in the glass. ..omg my sunny is soo gorgeous in my favourite colour hmm but I can’t be close to yu.

Ishani was about to leave Ranveer also came out she dint mind and left the place.
She reached home
Dadi: what happen beta looking dull
Ishani :kuch nahi dad is
Since dadi knew everything she was smiling
Ranveer spoke to amba at night and then fall sleep
Next Day morning :
Ishani was getting ready in black and red combination screen.
Dadi saw her she was looking pretty.
Ranveer and ishani both reached office at the same time Ranveer sint even look at her went inside his cabin
Ishani came and sit in her place after a while opening the common cupboard she was searching some files. Akshara and 2 more girls were talking yaar our new boss is looking so Dashing tat too in black suite I cant take off my eyes.hmm don’t know who is that lucky girl.
Ishani got irritated with their comments
Ranveer who was inside watching ishani through the class she was looking gorgeous in black and red saree perfectly suited for her milky white skin.
He couldn’t control himself by seeing her side view her navel is visible for him.she felt something and turned his side. He closed the window went back to his seat.
He decided to spend some time with her so he preponed 1 of his client meeting at hyatt where he stayed.
He pressed his intercom and called her she went inside.

Acting like he is busy with the file…listen we have client meeting at Hyatt at 6:30 be ready we will be leaving at 4:30
Ishani: wat …in a hotel but Arjun sir will meet clients in office only
Ranveer: I think am the manager do what I say
Ishani : I knew you wantedly calling me know. .
Ranveer: oh hello what you are thinking you are the only beautiful girl in the world i dint even see yu dint even think about you from morning
Ishani : excuse me Mr. RV mind your words ..
Before she could complete
Ranveer:better you leave the job you can’t control your self yu will
Ishani after hearing this let me arrange the file for meeting sir she left his cabin.Ranveer was smiling at her.
4:30 both started towards the hotel she sat in the car he was driving both were silent she was looking outside the window her hair s falling on face till her neck disturb her a lot Ranveer admired and smiling at her.while she turns he turned to other side.
They reached the venue receptionist welcome them instead of RV he said Ranveer before he could complete
Receptionist: Mr and Mrs Ranveer your honeymoon suite s ready sir.
Ishani and Ranvee both got shocked.
Ishani look at him in anger Ranveer stammer and said. …plz check it’s a business meeting RV Ranveer vaghela
Receptionist:sorry sir since you both were wearing same colour and the name was similar I got confused.
Ishani sarcastically looked and turned
A guy and another receptionsist came and managed extremely sorry sir she has joined just today.
Ranveer: smiledo and no problem tats okay fact I dint mind (ishani was staring at him)
Plz come dis way sir your meeting has booked in Roof Top


Ishani stand up from the table was about to leave Ranveer held her hands both shared a eye lock.she was so cute to him in the orange dim lights.

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