Ranveer got ready himsel by 6 o clock and he was so eager and happy to see his love. he came and shake shikar shoulders ask him to get up.

shikar: yaar sone do na itni bhi jaldi kya? just 6:30

ranveer : kya yaar we dont even knew the address so plz get up and call her if the place is faraway then she will be starting to office.

shikar:was staring at him…tike mr.majnu wait

shikar got ready and dialled ishani’s number waiting for her to lift the call the time is 7:30 ranveer signed him to put the phone in loud speaker

after 4 rings ishani who was cutely sleeping searched her phone and lift the call

shikar: helllo ishaniiii good morning

ishani: hello shikar(sleepy tone) gu..gud morning

shikar: hey you are still sleeping ..

ishani: haan you are calling dis much early

shikar: haan address ishani i have reached pune.

ishani: oh okay let me text you aur listen i will make break fast so dont have it outside

shikar: (in thoughts) if yu knew wat am doin yu will not give me glass of water.. ishani: hello yu ther

shikar: haan ishani sure

ishani: okay bye tc

shikar: bye

ranveer got a sight releif and ask him come lets goo shikar was making fun and teasing both have started it will take an 45 minutes to reach.

time was exactly 9 ishani was making some punjabi dishes was keep on talking about shikar to her dadi.nitin who was satnding and watching his daughter cute way of conversations with her dadi and smiled

Door bell rings ishani who was stunning in her simple look pink and peach combo with a braided fish tail she happily open the door

she was shocked by seeing ranveer who is smiling lightly her hearbeat stopped at once she was happy sad and angry all in one mood. but she kept her face as angry shikar who was standing behind ranveer slowly come out with a innocent face

there was a voice which breaks all the three silence

nitin: ishani kaun hai beta?….

she dint reply he came ther she turned away and went inside nitin..n a shocking tone RV..
he asked them to come inside.they both have entered the house and sat in the couch

nitin introduced her bua to both of them .

ranveer :sorry nitin ji i havent informed yu earlier and he explained the whole thing to him ishani was hearing all in a silent face

shikar: yeah uncle watever rv said its true ( ishani looks at him in anger and went inside)

shikar turned and couldnt find ishani he asked nitin then he signed he went inside to see ishani

ranveer apologise to nitin and thank him or taking care of ishani.

shikar: ishani…ishani plz listen am sorry

ishani: dont talk to me you cheated your friend

shikar: plz yaar i have done for your well ness

ishaniL: she gave a angry look did i ask yu

shiakr: dekho,,, as i promised i dint said any one i just showed him the address to him okay

ishani angrily came out at tat time in hall (NITIN HUGGED RANVEER JI I WILL TAKE ISHANI WITH ME) hope yu …before he could complete

ishani: am not going any wher… uncle if you have any problem i will go and stay someher else

nitin: arrey nahi beta

dadi also advised but she is not ready to listen went to her room ranveer went behind her.

he held her hands turned to him,,,,y are you doing like this..hann will you be able to live with out me

ishani turned her face another side. ranveer touched her cheeks and turned to him

ishani: you will do a fake wedding with another girl again you will come and call i have to come with you

ranveer: oh then what you did..yu have done a fake engagementt in front of him again yu came and told me yu lost your memory i need to listen that and all if i did something to find the truth yu will get angry on me.

ishani: oh yu mean to say am wrong

they started their cat fight let me make you to come within a month lets see she came out with her cute angry face. shikar said bye to her she dint replied

ranveer got blessings from dadi she slowly told him dont worry beta i will help you thank you dadi.

nitin: rv if she wish i would have allowed her

ranveer: its okay nitin ji i knew how to convince her yu dont worry

shikaar saw ranveer…happpy yaar she s very much angry on me any how do watever you want am leaving to mumbai.

ranveer informed everything to amba and told her maa am going to stay here for a month

after thinking a while he called some one and planned some thing 2 days no interaction between ishveer but ranveer came to met dadi when ishani was in officehe gathered some information dadi was saying bad about ranveer but ishani interrupted and said no dadi aisey nahi hai

she(dadi) went to the hall and call ranveer about the conversation ranveer to dadi: (i knew dadi she loves me)

Ishani entered office her only colleague and new friend akshara hey u know our company got a tie up with one of the biggest company in boss is soo young and handsome yaar.we have a meeting with him 11 A.M

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