AFTER TWO WEEKS Once ranveer came to know he has back he rushed towards his office


Shikar was astounded the way ranveer aked about ishani. he said i dont know.

shikar:have you orgot or what your wife is ritika not ishani.and why you want to know about her you only have thrown her out of your house know…

ranveer :shkar plz listen to me main apni ghalti sudharna chahtha hu and plz and he told everything about ritika and it was a vice over there rom a women

haan beta ranveer is telling the truth we have sent that evil ritika out of the house. it s none other than amba plz help my son to get his love i was always opposed to his happiness

shikar who was listening to all this things was thinking about ishani promise ( flashback: shikar promise me you will never say anyone about my wherabouts yu should not say at any time”)

shikar: ranveer let me tell yu tonight am n a hurry for a case by saying this he left.

tat evening ranveer drank and came to home, amba got worried by seeing ranveer in worst state and called shikar.
When he came home and saw ranveer he was blabbering about ishani I knew it you love me …and you knew it very well am possessive on you
I have seen your eyes on tat day in godown we were close to each after a long time you dint stop me at all…
Shikar got confused after hearing these things and got shocked too. He came down to amba and told her I will meet him in the morning aunty don’t worry.and trust me by saying this he left
He called ishani and asked about her life like a casual talk then he hung up the call.
Next morning:
Ranveer got up with a heavy headache later he fresh up and came was staring ishani foto which he has kept in her wallet.
Mala came and told him bhaiya aap se milne shikar ji ayiye hai
He was in a casual blue shirt and grey jean he went and greet shikar then after a while having cup of cofeee which was insisted by amba
Shikar: ranveer I knew wher is ishani,,but let me also come with you coz I have promised her that I will not say about her to anyone.
Ranveer: was so exclaimed happy tone really wher wher is she….? Let us go now itself
Shikar: relax yaar she s n pune with nitin joshi uncle yu pack ur things for twodays we will leave in
a hour
ranveer: arrey no need 1 hour just give me 15 mins by saying that he rushed towards his room.
Shikar looks at amba both were smiling she sad thanks to him
Ranveer and shikar started towards pune in his car.
Ishani was searching a job she don’t want to sit at home nitin has denied first later she wants to overcome all her problems then finally she got a job in R&R broking solutions.first day she joined and came home early
Dadi: hw was the day bet
Ishani: bohat ache thi dadi bas appko miss kiya by saying this she gave a sugar less coffee to her
Time was around 5 o clock Nitin came by the time shikar and ranveer also reached pune they stayed in five star hotel hyatt.
Both got tired by their journey ranveer was in a hurry to meet ishani. Shikar told him dude plz wait I knew she is in pune but I don’t know her exact address let me call her plz be quiet
Mobile was in speaker shikar called ishnai…almost after 5 rings ishani lift the call
Ishani: hello shikar..?
Ranveer ws n joy to hear the voice of his love after 15 days
Shikar: hi ishani hw are yu?
Ishani: laughed..within 15 hrs wat will happen to me yaar yu spoke tome last night know
Shikar: arrey haan who…actually
Ishani: woh kya shikar???
Shiakr: got some guts and said am coming to pune tomorr shall we meet ishani
Ishani: instantly no shikar am sorry next time plz I don’t want to leave from here I hope you will keep up your promise
Shikar: before she culd cut the call arrey ishani plz plz listen I will just meet you and will go away I promise
Ishani: okay then meet me before 10 cuz I have office at 10
Shikar: hmm sure ..but ishani address
Ishani: yu are coming tomorrow only know call me in the morning I will let you know..bybye
Shikar: very smart ishani
Ishani: ocourse have to be na cuz am THE FRIEND OF GREAT DEFEND LAWYER SHIKAR MEHRA….bye gud nyt. Shikar: gud nyt tc
Call ended. Ranveer was smiling after hearing their conversation
Shikar mocks at him sach main yaar tumhari ishani bohat smart now we have to wait till morning.

Baa was in terrace from their she can see the view of siddhi vinayak mandir she was praying to got to get ishani back
Sharman came and consoled her then they both went home

PRECAP: Ishani happily open the door she was in a peach and pink combo saree with braided fish seeing Ranveer she was shocked .her heart beat stop at once.she was happy angry sad all at once but kept her face as angry her cheeks and nose become red which was loved by ranveer always.shikar slowly come out behind ranveer.

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