ishani and ranveer started looking at each other

ranveer slowly entered inside the lift ishani looks down by holding her mobile it was a compact lift which hardly four members can stand. ishani was standing next to the buttons ranveer went near her and pressed zero. she was about to move a little away from him he kept his hand so that she cannot be moved.

both were gazing at each other he got her trapped in his eye lock.she was looking at him. he slowly came more close to her he was thinking she is gona pushed him away. but ishani was totally lost in him.she slowly opened and closed her eyes. even ranveer was looking at her.

he kept his face sooo close to her.ishani really dont know what he is up to and she bowed her head in a shy. he was lookin at her lips…even she too..

lift reached ground floor,ishani dint even realised it but ranveer has realised it slowly in a cute her ears..we reached.

ishani look at his face and turned saw the lift door she moved fast to her cab.

ranveer was smiling like anything he knew very well that ishani was admiring him.he started in his car and thinking about the moments with ishani smiling…..

ishani was in cab (in her thoughts)

i always becoming weak if you are near me.. here after in office i should avoid you as much as i can…poor ishani doest even know what dadi is planning.

nitin was okay with his bua decision since he explained everything to him.

he always want his daughter to lead a happy life.

dadi called ranveer,,,who was smiling and driving by seeing outside.he turned on his blue tooth and lift the call.

ranveer: hello dadi..

dadi: hello beta..busy hu kya?

ranveer: nahi dadi ..tell me

dadi: actually beta we have janmashtami puja at home join us know tomrw hope its leave only for yu

ranveer : haan dadi why not ..sure will come at evening actully i am leaving mumbai tonight maa was askin me to come so i will come directly to home by evenin what time is puja?

dadi: six o clock beta aur ek important baat karni hai

ranveer: ji khahiye

dadi revealed his plans to ranveer he was over whelmed by hearing this and said thank yu sooo much dadi tomorrow i will come with my belongings and let me vacate the hotel today itself.

dadi: sure beta bye

he hung up the call and say to himself..llet me see how can you avoid me sunny

Next day morning

ishani got frsh up and she went to near by mandir with dadi and nitin they did puja at home also day ws went goo around 3:30 dadi and ishani komal aunty started preparing sweets

kids were palying around their house

ranveer was packinghis things ..amba came inside whats dis ranveer for this only you came uh

morning you went to mumbai office during lunch time only you were with us now itself you are goin have puja at home evening

ranveer :common ma..atleast you understand me already your bahu s angry on me now yu too’
have promised you know just three more weeks i will come back

amba: ranveer if she dint accept means i mean we have hurted her a lot.not only us even her cousins nad baa too see tats why she went far away from everyone

ranveer: maa yu dont worry all will be fine and am geeting late for flight let me leave bye ma tc he left to airport

ishani was started decorating the little krishna idol in jhoola with flowers she was doing it so haapily she alomost done everything

nitin who looks at his daughter so happily went near and ask …beta tumhe janmashatami bohat pasandh hai kya????

ishani: she replied with a bright smile haan uncle bachpan se… yu know main aur ranveer ne milkar radha krishna….she stopped and stammered..let me go and bring the sweets we are geetting late for puja

nitin realised staring at idol tat ishani dint forget ranveer…bua came and tapped him dont disturb god too much… and smiled.
he turned to are right bua,, while saying this neighbours came bua went and welcomed them

they started puja bua was seeing often towards the entrance.

one by one started doing jhoola.

ishani was wearing meroon colour light designed saree with gold work in a gujarati style

when it was ishani turn,,,she went and hold the thread,,ranveer came and kept his hand above her hand he was in cream sherwani
she was looking at him shockingly he was looking at her

ranveer in low tone…aise kya dekh rahi hu yu were missing me.

she was trying to take her hand he was not leaving it.finally they have done next komal aunty went to do jhoola.

ranveer came and got blessing from dai and to nitin he held him and said its okay. ishani was totally confused .

puja was over..ishani started giving ladoo to every one mean while nitin was thanking every one for their presence one by one started leaving some kids were dressed as radha krishna

(imagine naksh from yeh rishta as young kid as krishna his name is anshu ) ishani was giving ladoo to all the all kids she bent down and gave in to their tiny little hands since anshu was son of komal aunty she knew him very well she gave him ladoo he asked one more she gve him another one too and kissed his cheek. didi thank yu she reciprocated with smile

ranveer was admiring her like anythin though she s not wearing much jewel except the chain which falguni gave her before death and saree was not with heavy work she looks stunning and gorgeous to him

she gave all the people and to nitin she got blessings from him. she came to ranveer then showed the plate to him. he took one both were lookin at each other..and bua came told him why are you standing beta sit…know

he started eating laddo and replied dadi ji… and sat in the sofa ishani who was taking plates from tea poi komal aunty asked him how s the laddo beta and she was about to say it was prepared by ishani..but before that ranvee: its delicious
actually aunty my wife dont even know to cook..ishani slowly turned to him said in a low tone..saath main yeh bhi batado( meanwhile mention this also) about which one of your wife you are talking and make it clear becoz yu have more than one

she angrily got up and went inside the kitchen kept the plates went to terrace to take clothes only her saree was there.

ranveer really got angry this extreme he went to kitchen and searched her ask anshu who ws washing his hands in the kitchen.he showed his hands and said didi went to terrace.

Nitin and dadi were talking to komal aunty and other neighbour about the puja. ishani who took her clothes in the terrace and turned to the grill wher ther was a jasmine plant is ther her saree got stucked she slowly removed and raised her head saw ranveer in front of her she could see his anger .he held her hand tightly and kept the clothes aside where there was a rope tide for the clothes to be dried. ishani got feared for the first time by seeing his face and its started drizzling.

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