Ishani and shikar at railway station

shikar: dont go ishani please listen to me ranveer got mariied to ritika and they both humiliated and insulted you this twodays i told you know you would have not stayed there

ishani:(was crying silently) nahi shikar its all my fate i need to leave i want to go far away from every one

shikar: ishani plz yaar acha batao wher are you leavin? what you will do

ishani: dont know ,,,,i cant say yu

shikar: held her hand ,no ishani if you dont tell me i cant leave you

ishani: tike i am going to pune to meet nitin uncle i thought he is in baroda but later i found he s in pune

the train starts ishani started to leave shikar was crying and standng in the station

baa and mitesh came out of RV Mansion and called sharman

sharman: haan baa i have got one house near bysiddhi vinayak temple aap sab ishani ko lekar yahan ayiye i ahve sent the address to prateek

baa got shocked what ishani tumhare saath nahi hai

sharman: baa what are you saying she was with you only know

baa: yeah but once ranveer wedding was over she left the house and tol me she s going to meet you

sharman: okay baa first you all come here let me search ishani

shikar return to his home and cried a lot in his room and finally he want to be alone for some time so he informed his mom tat ishani went out of mumbai he s going or a bike trip he wants to come out of this he left his phone at home and left

sharman called shikar and then he came to his home got the ino about ishani from kanchan aunty he searched airports railway station and bus terminals

ranveer exposed ritika truth and he came down ask mala about ishani family she has informed they might have left to baroda not sure

he also searching them at railway station but he could not find anyone

later he called police and they have areested ritika she has become pschycho was shouting at him you are the one who spoiled my life and you will never get your love and happiness in life
after hearing this amba gave a tight slap to her. ranveer was very disheartened he tried his best to find ishani he even called shikar since kanchan was ina angry cuz rv has thrown hikar out of his house she denied to tell him about shikar

after two days one evening mala saw baa near by andheri station the very next day she has informed him that they were staying near by siddhi vinay temple.

ranveer finally found their house in second floor with the help of mala.he knocked the door disha has open the door baa was shocked ranveer tum?

sharman who was sitting in the sofa came witha angry face and said just get out

baa asked him to remains quiet but he dint listen..why you came here too see our situation and to be happy .
ranveer asked sorry to baa and he explained everything
sharman interrupted and said cuz of you only i have lost my sister dont know where is she? how s she?

ranveer:baa wich means ..yu also dont

baa: dont know wher is ishani

she has met shikar only last but he s out o station even we are searching beta

sharman started again…happy dis is wat you want to know go and say yur tat selfish evil wife ritika for tat only u came know
ranveer ignored his words and told baa about his fake wedding and he make ritika arrested by police.
by saying this joined his hnds ranveer left the house and started to walk on the road with memories of ishani (BG TUM HI HO PLAYS)

Ishani has reached pune and she insert the new sim which she bought called nitin number

nitin: hello who s this

ishani: hello uncle main ishani

nitin: in a joyful voice bete beta kahan hu tum

ishani : in a silent tone(pune) uncle i wanna meet you plz tell me your house address

nitin: beta wher are yu ishani said railway station

after an hour nitin came and received ishani both went to his house which has three rooms 1 hall and 1 kitchen

she found one old lady(imgine farida jalal or this role)

beta she s my bua she dont have children now she s not well tats y i came t pune frombarooda
she hugged ishani with tears cuz she know tat she s nitin daughter…meri bachhi..ishani too hugged her later ishani explained everything to nitin he was very worried and felt sorry for his daughter state.

Ishani started spending time with his dadi(arida jalal) they both got a lovely bond nitin was working with stock broker as a accountant.



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  1. Harisha39

    It’s quite good….

    1. Varsha1

      thnq dear

  2. Narendran

    Varsha it is nice.. But more Typing error.. Even for me it comes.. U reduce mistakes slowly.. Pls don’t add Hindi com English words.. Plszzz many does not know it.. I knew u will understand

    1. Varsha1

      oh thnq for your feedback .surely will see typo error keep reading

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    good , keep it up

  4. Varsha loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking waiting for part 2 and how r u

    1. Varsha1

      thnq aksha am sooo good hw s yu??? dear

      1. Fine and plz call me duva

  5. Nandana

    nice episode dear i really liked it and me also imagined something like this in my mind after seeing that episode as ishaani lefts ranveer before he reaching there etc .. i am very happy dear that u wrote like that i really liked it ?????

    1. Varsha1

      thnq darl if u have story in ur mind plz write it darl am waiting to read..plz plz plz write it for me about ishveer

    2. Nandana

      OK. Dear wait once I will write it when my vacation starts I will surely write it dear as now busy with studies dear 🙂

  6. luv ishveer 2 the core of my heart

    Hi varsha happy to know u came up with an another great ff. I must say really u have great ideas in ur mind. Very well done but dont seperate ishveer 4r long time and i have an doubt does ishani know that nitin is her real father how

    1. Varsha1

      sure darl they will unite later but they will be together there will be a nok jhok keep reading dear and ishu doesnt know dear but she will come to know in her upcoming days

  7. Maya-Shelly

    Niz start dr
    Continue soon

  8. Hi Varsha it was superb and u choosed a nice character for buwa I like her keep it up ?

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