ishveer – aashiqui Chapter 1


Hi guys its my first ff for ishveer fans…

Love, Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat, doesn’t everyone at least once questions,     “What is love? Is there only one soulmate for each person, or is there a chance that there can be two?                                           

             This story is about, ishani kapoor, who has dreamt about falling in love her whole life. Ishani always thought she always knew everything about love, until she met ranveer Malhotra and chirag Kapoor.  Ranveer Malhotra is ishani’s husband to be, arranged by her parents, and chirag Kapoor is ishani’s love. She had met chirag while she was traveling to Europe for a business trip, and it was love at first sight.  Ishani also falls in love with hot, s*xy, rude ranveer, and starts questioning the meaning of love. Ishani always believed that you can only fall in love once, but now she has found two loves.                                        She falls for both, but needs to choose one. 
It becomes a love triangle, but who willshe choose? Will she listen to her parent’s, or will she decide by listening to her heart.   
       A story about love, heartbreak and loss.

Chapter 1
Ishani’s  Pov
     I woke up with my alarm clock ringing Diliwaali Girlfriend at 7 in the morning.Ughhh, I hate mornings and I shouldn’t have stayed up to 2 watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for like the millionth time. Today is the first day of my new job working with my Dad. I am an interior designer and my Dad, Vikram kapoor is an international famous architect and an owner of lots of malls all over India. My dad has asked me to work with him because ever since I was born healways wished that one day, I will be working side by side with him.I eventually dragged myself out of my bed and headed for the shower. I showered in 10 mins came out, got dressed, and headed downstairs.”Sat sri akal, Mom and Dad,” I greeted.My Mom and Dad replied by saying,”Sat sri akal, beta.”We were served aloo parantha with makhan and chai for breakfast.Yummy! I wonder what was the occasion though, we never really have aloo parantha for breakfast. I knew something was up. Why were they sweetening me up, what do they want?I found out the next minute.Dad smiled very brightly and then said, “Hey beta, we are having a few special guests coming over today and we would like you to be there when we greet them.”I knew it. Another guy that my parents want me to get married to. They have been trying to find a guy for me, for the last 8 months and each time I would say no.I did want to get married, but only to the man of my dreams. I now it sounds kiddish, but I don’t really care. I wanted to fall in love then get married, but coming from a Punjabi family there was no way they will understand, it was going to be arranged and that’s that.So far every guy my parent’s had found, I would say no to and that I wanted a start on my career first, but they would still try anyways.My parent’s were understanding enough to let me choose the guy I wanted to marry, as long as it was one of their choices first.And tonight my parent’s had probably, most likely, found another guy.I tried to protest. “Dad I already told you I didn’t want to get married yet.””Beta, you said you wanted a start on your career first and today is the start of your career.””I meant it a different way Dad,” I replied.My Dad was very smart when it came to words, that’s one of the reasons how he became such a famous architect.”I know ishani , but you are coming today to greet them and I will not take no for an answer.”I hated it when my Dad did that, but he does take his threats seriously. One time when I was little and I went against him when he said no, he sent one of his security guards inside my school to come and carry me away. It was so embarrassing, I was the laughing stock in the school for a week!My Mom also replied by saying,”ishani  you are of marrying age, you are already 25 years old. It’s time you thought about getting married.I answered her by getting up and storming out of the house. I quickly opened up the door to my Ferrari and put the keys in ignition. My car roared to life.I had gotten this car from my parent’s for my birthday, which was 2 months ago. The car is a nice red sleek colour (my favourite colour).I drove out of our driveway and sped to my Dad’s office and locked my self up in my new office.

Hope you all liked it….

Credit to: anisha

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  1. Awesome marvellous actually no word anisha di I didn’t liked it I loved it waiting for next one

  2. Superb job Anisha sis!! This was an amazing intro!! I am also Punjabi so I understood the whole parantha part and I loved it!! FANTASTIC JOB! I cant wait for the next episode!


    Superb……this this the best start……but i don’t know how Ishu can handle two lovers ???? But really liked it………keep it up

  4. adorable! ??? Hope Ishani to realise her love soon XD❤

  5. Graceful beginning I like its story line is good waiting for the next

  6. Marvelous ….. u r writing like a book…. but it’s suuuuuuuuuuuuperb….. I like reading books…. ur writing skill is awsm…. and story line…. it’s superb…. waiting for 1st epi

  7. Way of writing is superb.tis is somewhat different.keep rocking anisha

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