ishru reunion episode 1

hey guys writing n episode on ishru reunion

ruhi in her room her wig was off
she remembers pihu n ishu together
she watch her self in mirror n hit the mirror with her hand her hand got hurt she says how could u how could u ishita bhalla how can u forget me I call mom when u have no one else I loved u I loved u more then any one me ne kabhi ap ko step mon nii samjha but u meray pyar me kya kamiii this that u choose your own blood how could n start being violent Nancy n niddhi come her room
niddhi : rruuhiii what’s wrong with u Nancy bring her injection
at the same time aliya come to ruhaans house
aliya : o door is open
she hear someone shouting

what is happening
she goes towards ruhaan room she slightly opened the door n got shocked seeing euhaan with long hair aliya make video
ruhaan sees knife in her room n tries to cut her nerve n says no one loves me it is better if I dies I don’t want to live niddhi slaps her n says if u die who will give money to me she ask Nancy to help her tie ruhi with a rope aliya got shocked
niddhi ties her
ruhi says leave me I will tell this world u r not nimrit u r niddhi n u r not my mom u kidnapped me
niddhi : I don’t kidnap u your mom give u to me
ruhi : I will tell your reality to the whole world u made me boy u snatch my childhood from me torture me everyday

niddhi again slaps her
nisshi says today I will tell u what is torture
n beats her with hunter l
aliya cries
aliya goes to her house n shouts ama ama
ishu : what happen aliya
aliya : ama she is a girl
is hu : who
aliya : ama ruhaan
ishu got shocked
ishu : what
aliya : n ama her mom is not her real mom
ishu : what
aliya show that video to ishu
video stop at ruhis face
ishu sees ruhis face ( younger ) in ruhaan
is hu : ruhi

aliya : what
is hu : I see ruhis face in her
video starts
ishu sees niddhi

ishu : ha niddhi n cries
aliya : ama what happened

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  1. Sarayu(honey)


  2. Awesome can’t wait for next part update soon

    1. Ya I will update it soon n thanks for your support

  3. jasmine Rahul

    sanjana found out that ruhaan is ruhi.ishita recognized ruhi.will she b able 2 save her from Niddhi?

  4. Sorry guys one mistake its vein not nerve lol

  5. Thanks sarayu jasmine n reshma for your support

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