ishra’s union (episode 6)

Ashna and diya go to sleep after having fun with adi . adi says ishima today i will have good sleep because u have come na . ishita says yahan ao . adi sleeps in ishita’s lap and ishita sings a lullaby . she sees adi after he sleeps . she says kitne bade ho gaye mere bacche , my children have be come big now.the next morning she serves adi ashna and diya , dosa . adi eats and says how do u cook like this ishima . adi says same taste , i am enjoying this dosa after seven years . ashna says true adi bai she cooks like she is some great chef . ishita says ok ok i will be late for clinic . she says adi u have some work at college na . adi says i don’t have any work ishima .ishita says what . then nobody at home knows that ur exchange programme is over . ishita asks anybody knows at home that u r enjoying like this . adi says somebody knows , that is shagun mamma . ishita says shagun. she reminces all her happy times with shagun , she remembers how shagun helped her in exposing sarika ,she thinks she did favour to me , she gave birth ashna .

Adi asks what ishima where are u what are u thinking . ishita gets teary eyed she asks how is shagun . he goes and takes his tab he says see this photo . the photo shows shagun , adi ,ria ansd manoj standing . ishita gets glad seeing the pic , she says shagun got married and she has a daughter also . she gets very happy . he says i will show u another pic u should guess who is this . he shows ananya’s photo . ishita says ananya .and gets very happy . she says , and sharavan . adi gets sad and says we don’t talk wid them after u went away . ishita asks what and says yes raman would have done this he will never forgive me . ashna says u told me that we have a family but u did not tell me that we have these many siblings . ishita says i did not want u to have any connection with there that’s why i have not told these things to u . ashna says what .

ishita says now time have come to tell u also about this . ishita says to ashna how she married raman . and how they got separated because of ruhi’s death . ashna says i have a family . u only told me that we left papa ma but u did not tell this matter to me . ishita says time had to come for that ashna . now i told u this .now my big burden is over ashna . u r big now ashna i know u will understand . adi says i will tell to family members where u r . ishita says no adi i don’t want to back there and moreover raman will not accept me. Adi says ok i will call somebody else who will understand me . he calls shagun ishita says who u r calling adi . he say shagun mamma . ishita says cut the phone . shagun asks who is talking there adi . adi says make a call in skipe i will then tell u who it is . shagun calls in skipe . she is shocked to see ishita . she says i cant believe this just then ashna also comes near ishita . shagun says meri bacchii . she remembers when manoj told the good news to her that it is a girl . ishita says this is ur shagun mausi . then ashna goes . shagun says come back ishita .

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  1. Wowww…………..Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar…………Eagerly waiting for your next Episode………….

  2. so touching and nice

  3. jasmine Rahul

    loved Ishita’s moments with Adi.Now Aashna knows everything from Ishita.Adi wants Ishita back in sweet.Adi shows Ishita to Shagun on skype.Shagun is surprised n she also wants Ishita back.Hope adi n shagun reunite Ishra n kids.plz make them meet Ruhi soon

  4. very well written,and well-done.You have stated everything in sequential order and very logical not like the real searial YHM the makers has turn to child’s play making everthing there look stupid and illogical.

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