ishra’s union (episode 5)


Ishita turns around, she sees adi . she fells connected to him but she thinks, to every one i fell connected only when i treat them and starts treating him. Adi does not know what to say . he is awestruck . he thinks, ishima . just then ashna comes directly inside . ishita says don’t do that ashu i am treating somebody no . u go home now i will come later . adi sees all this , he thinks ,this girl looks like papa, he thinks , so this is papa and ishima’s daughter , she is my sister . he gets very happy , he thinks now my family will become beautiful wonderful family again like it used to be bfore 10 years . he does not know what to say . he gets teary eyed because of happiness . he doesnot say a word till the treatment . he gets up after the treatment . ishita says are u fine now mr ,,. adi thinks should i say my name . he says adi , aditya bhalla . ishita is shocked she now understands why she felt connection with some unknown guy . he says mein adi hun ishima ur adi . ishita says adi , and starts crying . adi continues i came here due to some work ishima but u have to come home with me now ishima , i don’t know how to tell how happy i am ishima ,she says ok adi beta i can understand and hugs him,but adi , no i cant come back adi . adi thinks now i should not talk about this and changes the topic . he says will u not bless me and takes her blessings . ishita hugs him . she reminces all her happy moments with him , when he said ishima the first time . she cries in happiness. Adi says don’t cry ishima . ashna is seeing all this . she says ma who is this . ishita says this is ur bhai ashna like u r my daughter he is also my son , ashna asks what u did not tell that i had a brother ishima , adi sees ishita , ishita says i did not tell u but now i told u na he is ur own brother ashna go and talk to him . ashna gets happy and hugs him. he says ishima she exactly looks like papa . ashna says i look only like my ma not my papa moreover i hate my papa . adi is shocked . ishita says ab gar ao , come to home . adi goes with ishita . when he enters the house itself he hears loud music of Rebecca from inside the house . he asks who is hearing such loud music ishima u don’t hear such kind of music , u like only melodious music . diya comes there and says bai app yahan adi says u here . ishita says adi this is my daughter . adi says how can she be ur daughter . diya says i am adopted . ishita says bas . ishita asks how do u know each other . they say how they met . ishita says this is aditya . diya says what this is really my bai . i did not expect this i was just calling him bai but i did not think he was really my bai . she hugs him . ashna says now u got a brother u forgot me . adi says u both are my sisters so both are equal to me and hugs them . ishita sees them and says u got together and left me . adi says then u also come . they all hug . ishita thinks this is the best day for me in this world

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Nice and touching

  2. Its Really Nice & Touching yaar………..

  3. Cuuttteeeee…

  4. veryyyyy nice episodeeee

  5. Its touching my ♡. very nice……waiting for next epi

  6. Very nice yaar. Love the bond between the mother and her children

  7. Varshini u rock dr…

  8. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita Adi meet was so emotional.Adi has 2 sisters now.hope adi unites them with raman

  9. U dont worry……keep on updating, their are many silent readers over here, loving ur plot

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