ishra’s union (episode 4)

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Adi comes to Australia . he stays in a hotel very near to ishita’s house . the next day he goes for his college work . when he comes back mrs.bhalla calls him and talks with him . 5 days go like this for adi same college work , the 6 day his college work gets over. He had lied to raman and family that he had to stay 15 days in Australia . the next day he goes to rebecca’s concert where ishita takes diya . ishita leaves after leaving diya . diya comes ther and stands near adi , by mistake she hits adi by hands she says sorry .just then she identifies that he i an Indian . she says sorry, bhai aap india se ho mein bhi india , adi says hi adi ,.aditya . he asks u like Rebecca very much ,

diya says bhai she is a great singer .very great singer . adi asks her what do u do she says school aur aap , adi says college . after concert is over adi goes to his hotel diya goes with ishita but adi doesnot see ishita in crowd .
At night adi gets teeth pain ut he does not know what to do . he asks his neighbours they say that they will take him to a nice clinic , adi says today i can adjust but give me tha address .the neighbours give ishita ‘s clinic’s address but they don’t say her name .
The next day adi’s pain becomes less and he goes out for shopping . he fogets his pain and to go to ishita’s clinic . he does some shopping just then he sees diya

there he says diya tum yahan . she says han bai amma ke liye kuch gifts karidne ayi thi . he asks is it your mother’s birthday . diya says no it is her wedding anniversary. it falls next month . he says this much early u r buying gifts for that . she says i am very busy these days i dont have that much free time so i am buying it now itself . just then adi remembers it is raman’s and ishita’s wedding anniversary . he thinks however nobody will celebrate it . in our house only dadi and i and simmi bua only remember ishima . he gets sad thinking this so diya asks why are u so sad bai . he says nothing and goes .

The next day adi’s pain increases . he takes the address and goes to ishita’s clinic . because of pain he forgets to see the name board of ishita . he goes inside , so many patients were waiting inside .ishita treats one by one . adi is ishita’s last appointment and the clinic timings are about to be over . the patient before adi goes . then adi goes , and sits ihita is wearing her gloves by turning backside she does not see him . she turns and smiles . he is shocked .

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    adi n diya met.but adi lost chances 2 meet ishita.but glad that finally adi reached ishita’s clinic n saw her

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