ishra’s union (episode 1)

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A beautiful young girl is shown . she looks like a 15 year old girl . she gets up and goes out . she sees ishita there . ishita is dressed in jeans and tops . she looks very nice . the girl goes to her , she says amma today no school. I am going to rebecca’s show . ishita says, now who is this Rebecca ,diya . this Rebecca is a great singer mom , says ashna . ishita says u got up so early today ashu . ashna says mom how many times should i tell u don’t call me ashu call me ashna . ishu tells i like to call u like that . ashna says apko pet name dena bahut accha lagta hai kya . ishita gets sad she remembers how she used to call raman,ravan kumar . ashna asks why are u sad , she says papa ko yad kar rahi ti . ashna says papa will not come mom . u only told me na that we have come to Australia by leaving our family and we will never go back there . ishita says ok meri ma don’t start advice .

They enjoy the rest of the day by going out , watching movies , playing games .
Meanwhile a boy goes inside a tall building . he goes inside the building and talks to a lady . she says aap mr.raman bhalla ko ab nahi dek sakte hai mr , he is busy now . he has a meeting . the boy gets very angry , he goes from there towards raman’s conference room ,security tries to stop him from going inside . but he doesnot stop . he goes and kicks open the conference room door and says papa come to home now . all members in conference are shocked .raman sees him doing this .he says u r not supposed to do this adi bhalla , u r not supposed to , now get out of this room i will meet u at home . adi leaves angrily .

Adi comes home mrs. Bhalla sees him very angry and asks what happened . adi says dadi i went to papa’s office , dadi he has not come to home since four days ,does he remember or not that he has a family , he has a son and a mother waiting for him all day . mrs.bhalla asks him calm down . adi calms down a little . just then a girl about 14 years comes there . she says adi baiya why are u so angry . adi says ur mama did not come from office for four days ananya . ananya says to adi ap kyun gssa ho rahe ho he will come back . gar pe ria ayi hai to me uske sat badminton kelne ja rahi hun . adi says what shagun mamma came and goes to meet her . he greets manoj , and goes to shagun, he says agar ishima hoti toh . shagun says if ishita would have been here this family would have been different . raman comes home he says how dare u do like this adi , u r not a small kid to enter inside a conference room without anybody ‘spermission battamiz and mannerless . adi says if this made u come home after four days i can do this everyday to make u come home .there is a heated argument between them . raman goes angrily inside his room . mrs. Bhalla thinks from the day ishita left this this house is like this only . raman and adi fighting , shagun’s visit , ria and ananya’s friendship , the distance between iyers and us , everything has changed


Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita’s family moments were nice.Adi Raman heated arguments.adi is rly missing ishita.He is frustrated due 2 raman not caring 4 the family

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