ishra’s union ( epi 9 )


Raman meets adi in hyde park inn.adi thinks aaj yahan bhukamp ane wala hai , today earthquake will come here . raman says why did u lie to me adi . adi says actually papa voh . raman says now u have lied to me but don’t do it again . adi is surprised , he says u did not scold me much why . raman smiles and says u lied to me because u did not feel to share ur happiness wid me , u r not free to me , u don’t think i am ur friend ,but ,somewhere it is my mistake . from ur childhood till today i have not spent much time wid u . adi says sorry papa i will share each and every thing here after wid u and hugs him.raman also hugs adi . raman says i have office meeting u have to enjoy Australia alone. Adi says ok and says bye. He goes to ishita’s clinic . ishita says ishima today a miracle happened ishima papa did not scold me . ishita says what, really , ok if u r happy i am also happy ,u diya ashna and ruhi are only my life if u r not there i am also not ther . adhi gets sad recalling ruhi , ishita too . ishitadiverts the topic she says adi that day when i met u i told na to come after few days to my clinici did not know who u r but know i know na since u have come to my clinic today i will dio your treatment today itself . today i will check ur teeth and put an injection so that ur teeth does not become worse . adi says what , injection ,nooo . ishita says adi u r not a small kid bilkul papa jaisi , exactly like ur father , saying this ishita gets sad . adi says ok i will take injection but u have to talk to me throughout the treatment , ishita says i always do that . adi goes and sits seeing the injection he runs , ishita says stop adi and goes behind him .

In nidhi’s house ruhi also gets tooth pain she calls her maid nancy and asks her to take her to some good clinic in the city . since ishita is the best dentist nancy takes her there . its lunch time in sihita’s clinic but still she is chasing adi in the clinic ha ha ha . she stops chasing adi and goes to attend a call . she talks to nancy . nancy says our madam is is in pain , its lunch in ur clinic but can u please treat we r outside ur clinic .ishita says ok u come in and goes out and opens the door .ruhi is sitting inside the car . she says bring the patient . ishita says actually let her sit . i am treating another patient now , my treatment is almost over. Nancy says ok ,ishita goes inside to treat adi , ruhi also comes inside the clinic . ishita says adi sit down only one injection ur treatment will be over . a patient is waiting for me adi . then at last when adi is taking injection . ruhi loses her calm and comes storming inside where ishita is treating adi .adi sees her and says oh my god ishima this is Rebecca the super star of Australia .RUHI IS SHOCKED

Precap: nidhi faints

Credit to: varshini

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  1. omg the suspense is too much pls continue yaar

  2. Wowww…….Its Awesome!!!!!

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Surprise that Ramab didnt scold Adi,but is guilty of not being a good father 4 adi 2 share everything with him.Adi Ishita scenes were so cute.Ruhi in Ishita’s clinic.Will Ruhi tell them who she is?

  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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