ishra’s union ( epi 8 )


The next day raman is as usual doing work . just then he sees the form that adi has given him. The form shows that the exchange programme has ended two days before .he thinks damn it how could this boy do this and bangs the table hard . raman comes home , he says see what ur ladla grandson did and says he is enjoying in Australia without doing any work and without my permission , how dare he . mrs.bhalla says ok na puttar he would have finished his work so . so what he could have told me . but mom he did wrong by hiding this from me . just then he gets a call . after attending the call he says now lets see what he does . mrs.bhalla asks what puttar . raman says i have some work so i am going to Australia , mihir cant go because he has to take care of office . ok puttar then do packing .

Meanwhile in ishita’s house ishita comes wearing a saree ashna says u look so beautiful mom, diya says han amma u look gorgeous . adi says have only not seen her in saree but i have seen her.ashna says and more thing i want to see dad’s photo mom , since u told all the things to me u have to show me who my dad is . ishita says i will show u afterwards . adi says shall i make lassi for u . ishita says what , u will make lassi . adi say yes dadi taught me . adi goes and makes lassi . ishita says its delicious same like mummyji makes .The next day raman reaches Australia . raman calls adi , adi picks up the call, he says i am busy papa i will call u after sometime. Raman gets angry he thinks stupid fellow he thinks i cant find out his college work is over and he is just enjoying in Australia .he calls adi and asks where are u staying .adi says what should i say that i am staying with ishima nono no . he says hyde park inn. Raman says i will come there , adi is shocked . he says aap yahan how, raman says business meeting and says u lied to me about exchange programme no i am coming and cuts the call . adi says oh god . ishita says somebody at home found out that you exchange programme is over is it . adi says yes . ishita asks who . adi says papa .adi says han ishima he found out that my exchange programme is only for three days and not 15 days . ishita is shocked , she says adi now i think it is not right for u to stay here . u better go within raman comes . i don’t want his life to become bad again because of me . he hates me to the core and if he knows u r wid me he will not leave u . now go adi beta to where ever he told he will come . come and visit me afterwards ok . adi hugs ishita and goes to hyde park inn.


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Credit to: varshini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Raman finds out Adi fooling him .so adi returns.How will be Raman Adi confrontation?Will Adi tell him abt Ishita?

  2. Nice but too much suspense ones like what is going to happen next ???

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