ishra’s union ( epi 7 )


Ishita says i cant come back shagun please forgive me . she says shagun sorry i cant come there raman doesnot like me and moreover they all think i am the reason for ruhi’s death and starts crying . shagun says why are u crying ishita , ruhi was my daughter also but i know na that u r not responsible for ruhi’s death . raman should understand no . ishita says leave it shagun if raman understands or not i am not coming there . i am very happy with my family here . i have a adopted daughter who loves me very much . i have two daughters to love me . and adi now knows that i am here , my son knows . if i come there no i know i will get only hatred from every one . so please shagun ,today i am happy that i got my son and a sister back please don’t compel me to come back there .just when ishita is talking monoj comes there he is shockedhe says ishita u . shagun says adi got her in Australia . manoj calls ria .he says this is ur ishita mausi . ria says this aunty . mamma always keeps talking about her u got her today .

ishita says han beta, which class u r studying , u like ur mamma and papa very much . ria says yes mausi i like my mamma and papa very much . oh u love ur mamma papa very much . ria’s friend comes and she goes . shagun says i will go and tell this to mummyji now . ishita says no but within that shagun had gone . ishita says what is this adi i knew this would happen . adi says ishima from shagun mama’s house it will take 20 minutes to drive to our home so we can stop her . adi calls shagun she doesnot pick call . shagun at last picks the call . she says i know that ishita would have told not to tell mummyji . adi says right shagun mamma . ishita says please shagun i don’t want anybody to lose happiness because of me . ishita says u told ria that i am her mausi no then if u think i am like ur sister don’t tell to mummyji . shagun says now u would have stopped me ishita but next time i will definitely tell to mummy ji . ishita says ok and cuts the call . ad ii told u no not to tell anybody . ashna says why mom u did not do any mistake then why u r punishing urself . ishita says ashna quite u don’t talk in this matter u r very small .
ashna says i am ten years old mom i know what is correct and wrong . ishita says now go to school both of u its becoming late . ashna and diya go . adi says u have totally changed ishima . u used to wear sarees , salwar and all but know saree to jeans . just when ashna and diya are going they hear this . ashna says what mom used to wear sarees . adi says yes . amma and saree . ishita says now go to school . diya says u will wear saree when we come home . ishita says ok baba, now go to school . adi smiles . ishita says take care of home i am going to clinic . adi thinks hope nobody at home find out that my college work is over and i am just enjoying at Australia . and moreover i am staying in ishima’s house , what will happen if he finds out that i am enjoying in Australia and my college work is over and i am staying with iishiima who he hates . adi says don’t think bad adi ishima used to tell no we should not run away from consequences we should face it .

Preacap:raman knows that adi has lied , he goes to Australia

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. hey its very nice waiting for next part also give some importance to ruhi waiting for family reunion

  2. Wowwwwwww……. Its Awesome yaar………..Precap is soooooooooooo interesting……………

  3. jasmine Rahul

    ISHITA is stopping shagun from telling her truth to bhallas.oh…then how will ishra meet…

  4. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww superb varshini ………..finally they met……..
    But still not ishra…..
    LOVE ur ff a lot…

  5. Too good

  6. I’m still watching episodes from August 2014- of where Ashok and Suraj tried to take away Ishita’s licence and Raman’s presidentship…. so much is changing….. love this soapie so much.. All us South African’s are growing to love it, initially cos of Ruhi, but also cos of the chemistry and future romance for Raman and Ishita…I follow these updates all the time, but prefer reading what is going to happen, no so much the made up stories. Thank you for all you dedication towards helping the fans love the soapie even more.

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