ishra’s union (episode 3)


Ruhi is very beautiful. Ruhi is singing in her room . just then nidhi comes in and says Rebecca how many times should i tell don’t practice here come to studio . ruhi says mein nahi aungi . nidhi goes and slaps ruhi ,she says how much time should i tell u ruhi u r not ruhi now Rebecca . i have invested money on u and made u famous . ruhi says i became famous because of my talent not u . nidhi says battamiz ladki and slaps her again . she says u want to practice na then stay in this room and practice never come out till tomorrow’s show u will have no food and water . nidhi locks the room and goes ruhi says nidhi aunty stop . but nidhi goes ruhi cries .she spoiled my childhood . will i am 17 will she spoil my future also.she continues crying in her room.
Adi’s friends say to adi , adi there is an exchange programme in our college . the exchange programme is for 15 days , they say, we don’t know the place where we are going but we will definitely go abroad only . adi says what who are going for the programme , his friends say the college officials only will select the students .
the next day adi gets selected in th programme and is going to Australia . he goes to raman’s office to get signature to go to australia he comes inside the office . he knocks raman’s door raman gets angry seeing him because of the argument he had . he says wait for 10 minutes i want u to meet me in office canteen . adi thinks to meet my papa also i should fix a meeting . adi waits in canteen raman comes after 30 minutes .all the office members greet him in canteen . he says sorry adi for making u wait . raman says i am sorry for what happened yesterday and hugs him . adi says i have an exchange programme for 15 days , i have to go to Australia for that i want ur sign.raman says u want to go for sure . adi says yes . then ok i will sign,raman says this and signs the sheet . adi says thank u and leaves .
He comes home and packs his bags to go Australia . HE lands in AUSTRALIA .
To be continued ,keep commenting

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Woww so Aadhi will meet ishitha waiting eagerly fot the nxt episode

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ruhi is getting tortured by sad.adi going 2 australia.hope he meets ishita n unites ishita kids n raman.
    this is not part 2,but part 3

  3. Its Superb……Waiting for the next Part…….

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