ishra’s union ( epi 17) last episode


The next day the party starts . all couples go on dance floor .ishita and raman too go . there are our couples shagun-manoj , mihika-abhishek ,mrs.bhalla –mr.bhalla LOL mr-mrs iyer, vandita-bala ,and our hero heroine ishita and raman . raman romances ishita while dancing. Ishita says chodo raman we r parents for big kids now . u want to do romance wid me. Raman replies , will this fact change that u r my husband and i am ur wife no na then dance with me . ishita whispers in his ears i love u raman . raman says i love u too .
The party gets over and all the guests go to their house except family members .the photo session starts . first ishita ramans parents take photos wid them .They take photo and then ishita raman with their family take a photo . ishita sees the photo in camera and says raman i love u soo much only because of u i got adi , ruhi , diya and ashna and such a good family and gets teary eyed ,raman says don’t cry ishita now u should be happy.
The photographer says now last photo . ishita says come adi, ruhi ,ashna ,diya .ishra take photo wid ashna,diya ,adi and ruhi .
After ten days
ISHITAsees the photo in which raman ,ishita ,adi ,ruhi ,ashna and diya are standind . she gets teary eyed . she says i got every thing back in my life thanku god. Just then raman comes from behind and hugs ishita .he says i love u ishita ..ishita says how many times u will tell this raman i know u love me. Raman says i did not tell u i love for ten years . i am compensating for it . ishita says u r compensating for ten years then when will u tell i love of today . raman laughs , he says our love for each other can’t be expressed in words ishita . it can only be felt . ishita says true raman and hugs him

The ten years would have separated ishra but not their love for each other . ishra were a example of love for others .
they lived happily ever after wid adi , ruhi ,ashna, diya and other members of the family THEY ALL HAPPILY LIVED EVER AFTER

Friends thanku all for ur immence support through out this ff . .i wanted to unite ishra as soon as possible in this ff atleast . and one more request silent readers and friends , please comment on this last episode atleast and bye bye to all readers.thanq once again.

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    Thank you so much for this lovely ff, may God bless you and all the best for your future.

  2. U stopped it soooooooooo soon!!!!!!!!! ?That’s not fair varshi………..I loved ur ff a lot still its the same………..I just hope these things must have to happen in real yhm too……….ur ff is really awesome……….. If u don’t mind will u start a another ff varshi…….???

  3. It was superb yaar.. Varshini…. But so sad that u r ending it…

  4. Its nice wish its a real story of yhm

  5. Its Awesome……. Loved it soooooo muchhh…………

  6. U r a grt writer varshini…..u ended it so soooon..:(
    All the best 4 ur future…hope u will continue writing and will write another ffs:):):)

  7. Guys pls read my new ff. True love never dies Samud Saras and Kumud

  8. thanq all for ur comments .

    1. Mimi where is ur ff?

  9. jasmine Rahul

    Ishra wedding anniversary party n dance n also ishra scenes were so romantic.What a nice n happy family.Loved u have written that 10yrs must have separated ishra,but not their luv.i loved this ff n ending a lot.
    Sorry 4 not commenting on the previous part yesterday.Today I’ve commented on the previous poart.plz check that too

  10. It was amazing will miss it

  11. All the best buddy. U r a good writer. Go ahead. I’m waiting for ur another ff.

  12. Its awesome waiting for next ff

  13. I liked it alot. Plz keep it up

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