ishra’s union ( epi 15 )

At night raman says ishita sorry . ishita says shall i sleep wid u or go out . how many times will u say sorry raman its ok . raman says really and hugs her.. Ishita and raman sleep peacefully . the next day a little boy comes inside bhalla house (he looks about 5 years old , he is soooo cute ). Ishita sees him and says aww so cute who u r and starts pulling his cheeks . he says stop pulling my cheeks and say sorry to my mumma , ishita says who is ur mumma and starts pulling his cheecks again . just then mihika comes ,she says yeh mera beta hai akka,he is my son. Ishita says ur son ur son . Ishita sees mihika and gets happy . she says akka why did u leave bhalla house we missed u so much .ishita says soorry and then what is this chota abhishek name . his name is mihik but he is not chota abhishek but chota mihika that’s why we named him mihik .ishita gets happy seeing abhishek . she says abhishek how are u . how is ur duty going . abhishek says fine ihita ji . yesterday only amma told that u have united wid ur family so we came to see u . ishita says sit own imihika and she says to mihik u come wid me please . mihik says ok and goes wid ishita . ishita serves lunch to all . the family members say great because they were enjoying ishita’s food after so many years .raman goes to office and ishita goes to clinic . when they both come back at 11;30to home. They see their room decorated wid candles , they gets happy , ishita goes out and says adi so this was ur plan , but why . adi says u forgot that also ishima tomorrow is ur wedding anniversary ishima .so today midnight twelve o clock is special for u , u r celebrating ur anniversary after ten years . so only i did all this . ishita says adi beta and hugs him. Ishita goes and says tomorrow is our wedding anniversary raman . raman says madras an u forget everything not tomorrow but today is our wedding anniversary . ishita says raman i love u and hugs him . the rest of they enjoy the company of each other.

The next morning everyone wish ishita and raman a happy wedding anniversary .
Shagun , manoj and ria come home and wish them . adi says i have organised a party in our colony hall .ishita says why did u take so much trouble adi. Adi says not many ishima but the colony people , and our family . that means mihika chiiti family, paati family , vandu periamma family , shagun mumma family , some friends of mine , papa’s office colleagues that’s all. There will be a family photo session after party .ok . all say ok . ishita says is this small list for u . adi laughs

To be continued

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Wow…Mihika Abhishek married n have a son Mihik.Atleast here Abhika united.Ishra wedding

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