ishra’s union ( epi 14 )


The next day ishita is going to clinic while raman is also in his way to office. Ishita collides wid raman and when ishita is about to fall raman holds her . ishita says raman wait i know that . but within that raman goes to his car . he is not able to meet the eyes of ishita who gave him love but instead he gave hatred . after office raman thinks i should go to park . i think i will feel better . he thinks to call the driver , but then decides i will go by walk . ishita also comes walking towards the park . they are taking the same route to goto park . when a lorry also comes the same way . raman is in his own world thinking about ishita . the lorry is about to hit raman , when ishita sees this and pushes raman , but she had did that very late . the lorry hits ishita , she faints, raman gets shocked . he shouts ishita
After 5 days

All the family members are praying for ishita , raman the most , he thinks if ishita dies i will also die . just then doctor comes and says ishita is out of danger now , it is an medical miracle , nobody has survived these much severe injuries . raman gets very happy . he jumps up and down . the family members realise how much raman loves ishita . raman goes inside and says ishita and hugs a sleeping ishita . raman says i am sorry ishita , forgive me . why did u save me . why did u save this sinner , who did not know the difference between a pure mother and a selfish one . u slap me ishita , u slap me . and takes ishita’s hand and starts slapping himself. Ishita just then gets consciousness and says raman what r u doing ,raman says i should have been killed in that lorry ishita why did u save me ishita why , and starts crying . ishita says don’t cry raman i am ok and hugs him . raman says will u forgive me,please come back to ur home . ishita says i will not because u did not do any mistake raman it was all a misunderstanding raman . raman says yes , yes my madrasan has forgiven me . ishita smiles seeing raman so happy . just then adi ruhi ashna and diya come there . they see raman so happy and ask what happened papa in unison . he says ishima has forgiven me . all of them get happy .

The next day ishita comes to her home. She says this house has changed so much mummyji .mrs.bhalla says han puttar .
Ananya says i want to share my room with ashna ,mami please . ishita says ok if ashna is happy with it u share . ashna says double ok .

Diya and ruhi say together and we two together in a room . everyone say ok ruhi u and diya in a room. ruhi says diya is only two years younger than me ,and her taste and my taste are the same ok . ishita gets happy she says now i am so happy mummyji . i have got every thing in my life back , my raman , my ruhi ,adi ashna and diya are also happy

To be continued

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Love it

  2. Really lovely

  3. Varshi I really loves it a lot………. I hope this happens in the real yhm……….there are many good writers than ekta…….

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita saves raman from d accident n gets injured badly.Oh!But glad that ishita scene of Ishra is so touchy.Now Ishita back 2 bhalla house.loved it

  5. jasmine Rahul

    4got to tell u that ur cover page is perfect 4 this part

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