ishra’s union ( epi 13 )

The next day adi goes to raman and says ruhi is alive and what ishita did for ruhi .andthat ishita has a adopted daughter and nidhi died . raman is shocked and is in guilt .he thinks, what he did with ishita . ṛuhi comes inside the hotel room. Raman sees ruhi and is shocked he says ruhi ,and gets teary eyed . he hugs her she also hugs him . ruhi cries ,she says papa i love u . but papa don’t u think that u did wrong with ishima by sending her out of house. Raman says yes and goes inside the room and cries ,he thinks i did a big mistake by sending her out , i will never be able to meet her eyes again because of guilt . the next day adi comes to ishita’s house . adi says ishima we got our ruhi back then why are u not coming to our home . ishita says raman sent me out of the house adi so if he calls back only i will come . ashna says when will i meet my papa . ishita says u will not meet ur papa . ashna asks why . ishita says no means no . ashna says ok if u tell means it will be formy good only . ishita says very gud girl . the next day raman’s work gets over and he and go through the market . ashna and diya are also coming the same way.ashna collides with raman ashna’s things fall down . she shouts don’t u have any manners mr. . raman gets angry he says first u learn manners . and are u an Indian . speak to me in hindi . just then adi sees ashna fighting wid raman . he says bas ashna don’t fight now. Because he is ur father . ashna is shocked, so is raman . raman says this is my and ishita’s daughter and hugs her . adi says this also ur daughter only and shows to diya raman hugs diya , he says come lets go home.

Then the next day adi , diya ruhi and ashna plan how to make raman forget his guilt . adi says we will do onething ashna ruhi diya i know u wont stay without ishima for a day but we will go to delhi and stay in papa’s house . ashna first hesitates but then agrees . they go to ishita and say we r going to delhi . ishita is shocked . she thinks they want to go to their father but . i cant stay without them so i will also go to delhi .

Ishita goes to her amma’s house . while ashna,adi ruhi and diya go to bhalla’s house . adi says the whole story how he met ishita in Australia , how he met diya and ashna and RUHI and brought them here . all family members get happy seeing ruhi and ashna,they start considering diya also as their house’s daughter . they all go to iyer house to see ishita . mrs.bhalla says puttar i missed so much and hugs her . ishita gets teary eyad .she is happy to see her family back . she sees raman standing back and going from there . ishita thinks what happened to this raman , he is acting weirdly , he does not seem to be angry but guilty .

Precap: ishita gets injured while saving raman

please comment , if u like or not it does not matter but I want to know ur views ,please comment

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Raman meeting ashna was so interesting.1st a fight.but from adi they both knew d truth n their union was so emotional.He accepts Diya too.The kids r on the mission 2 unite Ishra.They manage 2 bring Ishita 2 India.Loved toshi Ishita scene.Happy that bhallas accepted Diya too.Now waiting 4 ishra union

  2. isra

    Nice yaar…. But here also ishu injured… Here Raman in gulit na if he saved her na that would be good… Just a suggestion.. Sry if u dnt like it….

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