ishra’s union ( epi 12 )

Ruhi comes crying inside her room . adi sees this and goes and knocks her door. She opens the door and asks papa knows that ishima is in Australia . adi says no , why . ruhi says i want him to know that first adi bhaiya . adi gets happy , he says finally u have understood about ishima right. Ruhi says right adi bhaiya . adi says one more thing , i am big fan of urs will u give me an autograph please . ruhi says adi bhaiya i am always ur ruhi and not Rebecca . adi says ok my dear . and takes ruhi to room where ishita is sleeping . ishita wakes up . she says ruhi? . adi where i am . he says in nidhi’s house .ruhi hugs ishita and says i am sorry ishima i misunderstood u . will forgive me no ishima . ishita says han beta. And hugs her.tere dil ka plays . ishita reminces all her old memories with ruhi .she things ruhi used to hug me like this when she used to come from school,then she remembers that she have to tell something to ruhi . Ishita says ruhi i have to tell u some important things , actually i adopted a 5 year old girl when i left our home and she is now 15 years old , two years younger than u . ruhi says what i thought i have only i sis but now i have 2 . and whats ur daughter’s name ishima,ishita says ashna . ruhi says i want to meet her ishima . ishita says ok but u have to come wid me to our home forever. Ruhi says ok and goes wid ishita . when ishita comes home she says i have a surprise for u . ashna asks what mom, diya says tell no amma . she says this is ruhi . my daughter ruhi. Diya says wow my akka , but amma u told that ruhi akka died . ishita says i told but but and starts crying . ruhi , adi , ashna and diya at oncy say don’t cry amma , ishima and mom at once . ishita says ruhi and adi u call me ishima , ashna calls me mom and diya calls me amma . if u four call me by three different name whom should i react first . all of them laugh . all say we may call u by different names but we love u the same . ishima ,amma , mom three voices come from chidren’s side .ishita laughs and hugs all of them . ashna says lets take a selfie mom.ishita says u and ur sefie , ok take . they all smile . ishita thinks, god u have fulfilled my wish of being with my children .

Precap: family members come to know that ruhi is alive, raman sees ashna and diya . ashna diya ruhi , raman and adi come to bhalla house . ishita also comes to delhi ,goes to iyer house

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  1. It is awesome please post long part

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ruhi n ishita emotional.beautiful family moments

  3. Wow…..Its Awesome……..

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