ishra’s union ( epi 11 )


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Ishita goes to doctor and asks what happened dr.jones .dr .jones says dr.bhalla . the girl standing over there’s mother died . she does not know what to do next . can u please help her out . ishita says can i meet the patient i mean the dead body . doctor says sure dr.bhalla u can .if u can help that girl i can show u the dead body. Ishita goes and is shocked to see nidhi . she says nidhi was alive these many days . what and starts crying . she thinks so ruhi must also be alive . she asks the dr whom he told as nidhi’s daughter . he points towards ruhi . ishita is shocked seeing ruhi . she now sees th similarities that Rebecca has wid ruhi . she goes to ruhi and says ruhi and hugs her .ruhi says i am not ruhi and starts crying .ruhi says i am Rebecca not ruhi still crying .ishita says ruhi see my eyes and tell this ruhi . ruhi says why are saying all this who r u tell all this . ishita says ur ishima . if u were my ishima u would have not left me to nidhi and called the police u did so , u can never become my mom. Ishita gets glad .she says then ,u r my ruhi only .

2 weeks later after nidhi’s funeral
Ishita and adi daily come and stand near nidhi’s house to talk to ruhi . one day ishita faints waiting for ruhi . ruhi comes to know this and cares for her . ruhi sees adi wid her and says adi bhaiya and hugs him . adi gets happy he says ruhi tum itni badi ho gayi ,my small little ruhi became so big today that u cant even forgive ur ishima . ruhi life can be lived only once . the one u loved so much in this world is daily waiting for u outside that evil nidhi’s house . u don’t even care about her . he says i can tell u only this . one more thing u think na that ishima gave u to nidhi to save her daughter then u are wrong .

When nidhi says to bring ruhi instead of the baby she does not cut the call but says . ishita don’t think u can bring the police wid u and one more thing if u don’t bring ruhi . i will kill ur daughter and ruhi also . i have five to six murderers around ur house . and if u tell this to raman bhalla then ur ruhi and baby both are gone .ishita gets worried . she tells this to abhishek . but raman misunderstands her and asks her to go out of the house
Ruhi says what adi bhaiya i cant believe this . no adi bhaiya u are telling this to make ishima ,i mean ishita bhalla good. I cant believe this and goes inside the room . she gets a diary there in the last page of the diary it is written
Dear Rebecca, sorry, ruhi ,
I know i havetortured u so much but now i know i am going to die within a day or two i think i will not live more. I did not know i had a brain tumor till yesterday , doctor told that disease cant be treated any more
Throughout my life i have done only bad to every one but atleast when i am dying i want to do gud .
I threatened ishita to bring u or else i wud kill u . out of love only she brought u to me . sorry for every thing i did to u . i know u don’t like me . after my death please inform to my cousin sister maya . she is the only relative i have . and again sorry for every thing i did to u .
With love

Precap:ruhi forgives ishita

Credit to: varshini

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  3. Hey,wooooow,its superrr….I hope it gets true in our real yhm too…But ur thinking was awesome☺….And I am soooo happy after reading this☺☺

  4. jasmine Rahul

    ishita recognised ruhi.but ruhi isnt willing 2 4give him.but ishita kept waiting 4 ruhi n fainted.adi made her understand d truth.ruhi read nidhi’s last letter n realized ishita’s

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