ishra’s union ( epi 10 )

Ruhi is shocked seeing ishita . ishita feels attracted to her , she feels some motherly love for her . ishita says Rebecca sit down on the chair please i am treating him . this treatment isgoing to be over . please bear with me dear . ruhi does not say anything. She is in shock . adi says ishima its paining. When adi says this Rebecca realises that this is her dear adi baiya whom she used to love a lot . she almost gets up from chair but she realises adi is talking wid ishita and stops.she thinks nobody thinks about me ,papa is happy wid ishima , ishita and family . nobody even tries to find i am alive or dead . ishita completes adi’s treatment and says Rebecca to come , when ishita is treating her ruhi recalls all her old moments wid ishita , when she recalls these things she thinks her ishima is the best , but remembers the time when ishita gave her to nidhi . she thinks she is the worst mother in this world , she is only my stepmother not my mother ,she can never become . and adi bhaiya , he also loves ishima , how can he when ishima did dis much big dhoka to me. Ishita says can u open ur mouth little widely beta . ruhi says ok in a angry tone .after the treatment ruhi thinks like hugging adi but she could not hug her adi bhaiya .she goes home .at home nidhi says without my permission why did u go to dentist.ruhi says mam it was paining very much that’s why . nidhi says what that’s why . i told u never to go out without my permission saying this she slaps ruhi .she says go to your room right now.ruhi comes to room and says u made my life a hell ishita bhalla , i will never forgive u , and why did u come back in my life . why . that evil nidhi tortures me everyday only because u gave me to her instead of baby , and what more u called the police ,that day if u would hve heard what what dat raman had told no ishita ,if u would have not called the police i would have been wid my family . u did that ishita because i am not ur daughter . the baby was ur blood , so u cared more for her and not me. Ruhi cries a lot . she thinks let this evil women die. But then she thinks what am i telling about nidhi , when that ishita and raman left me nidhi gsve me food,shelterand fame.

Just then she hears somebody screaming .she comes and sees nancy screaming . she asks what happened nancy .nancy says nidhi mam, vo nidhi mam . ruhi goes and sees nidhi fainted .ruhi and nancy take nidhi to hospital . ISHITA IS IN THE SAME HOSPITAL WHERE RUHI HAS TAKEN NIDHI . ishita has come for some work . meanwhile doctor says sorry ms Rebecca. Mrs.nidhi is no more . ruhi asks how,doctor says she had been affected by brain tumor . as she has not consulted a doctor for many days . because she did not know that she had a brain tumor .she could not survive. Ruhi says what and cries . she thinks she tortured me very much . she kept me wid her only to take revenge from papa but ,but she gave me shelter , food . ruhi cries a little because nidhi has been torturing her since the day when ruhi brought her to Australia .doctor comes and says now u can take her . ruhi does not know what to do . doctor says u have to fill a form. Ishita is also in the same place where ruhi and nancy are standing ,she sees this all .

PRECAP: ishita finds out that Rebecca is ruhi

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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    ishita n adi didnt recognise ruhi.ruhi wanted 2 hug adi but she could’nt bcz of her sad.shocking is that nidhi died due to brain tumour n she wasnt aware that she has what will happen

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