ishra’s union (episode 2)

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The next morning ashna and diya go to school . ishita goes to her clinic . she treats all her patients . shagun in her home says to manoj ishita agar yahan hoti . just then ria comes she says ishita aunty , the aunty u told about to me . where is she . shagun says i don’t know that ria but hope she is happy wherever she is . ria goes from there . manoj says we don’t know ishita is alive or not shagun she might have died also .shagun says but with her the baby was there no manoj . Manoj says calm down shagun and hugs her .
Meanwhile in ishita ‘s house diya is talking with ishita she says , u never told me who my papa is ma , ma i am adopted but i also have right to know who ur husband is , when u adopted i was 5 year old that tim also also u were alone only . the only person with u was ur baby that is our ashna then why don’t u tell ma who ur husband is to me and ashna . ishita scolds diya she says stop it there diya u r not so big to ask this question and what did u say diya do i treat u as different because u r adopded . saying this ishita starts crying diya says no amma and hugs her she consoles her . ishita says u want to know who ur father is then come i will tell u but u should not tell this to ashna .
Ishita tells the story
Ishita is near the cliff and nidhi ‘ s car falls down as in yeh hai mohabattein and raman also scolds ishita that she is a bad mother that’s why she called the police . raman says get out of my house .
Ishita says i will not go anywhere without the baby and takes the the baby with her .
She goes to Chennai . she starts a clinic there and adopts diya who is 5 years old .
She then goes and settles in Australia with 5 year old adopted diya and her baby daughter ashna .
Ishita says tum samajti ho ki tum bahut badi ho gayi ho . u r only 15 years old , now go to ur room .
Ishita cries , diya also cries in her room she thinks why did i tell to amma that i am adopted .she thinks , i know no that how much bad amma feels when i tell her i am adopted . i just wanted to know that where is papa and why she left her and all that , she starts crying .till night she keeps crying .
Ishita comes to diya’s room she sees diya crying she thinks aaj meine diya se bahut rudely behave kiya voh bi toh bacchii hai . i should not let my past affect my present . she goes to diya . diya does not know ishita has come she thinks ashna has come , she says i will play with u later ashna leave me alone . ishita says mein hun , diya says amma aap i don’t want to talk to u . ishita say sorry diya please forgive me , i was angry because u told me u were adopted , i have told u many times that u should not tell to me that u r adopted . diya says amma and hugs her she says sorry to ishita .
Ishita says i am sorry .
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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Fb made us understand what happened in past.Ishita diya scene was so emotional.Liked d short Shanoj scene too.glad that they miss ishita

  2. very well written,the yeh hai mohabbatein cvs should have asked for an ideas from soneone like you instead of the way the storyline is goin right now.

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