ishra’s life ruhi (epi 9)

Ishita sees ruhi . she feels motherly love for her . she knew this was ruhi only ,her inner heart told her . she felt very happy .. She goes and asks to the warden what happened. The warden says this girl had toothpain and she fainted. The warden asks kuch problem to nahi hai na.ishita says child had got scared because of pain that’s why she fainted .. she didnot know why but she felt that this girl was ruhi only. But she remembers raman saying ruhi is dead . the time when ruhi fell off the clip. When she was pushed by nidhi. Then she treats ruhi. When ruhi is still in unconscious state ishita goes and talks to the warden . she asks yeh bachi kaun hai. Warden says this girl came through scholarship to our school ,she doesnot have parents .she came from an orphanage . now ishita gets even more sure that this is ruhi only . ishita asks her name. Warden says ruhi bhalla .ishita gets shocked , she gets very happy . she asks aap sach bol rahi hai yeh ruhi bhalla hai . she jumps out of happiness. ishita’s happiness knew no bounds . she hugs ruhi. ishita knew that ruhi would come back .

warden asks why are u so happy . ishita is not able to speak instead she cries in happiness. Ishita says yeh meri beti hai . warden asks what, this is your daughter . ishita says yes we lost her when she was 7 years old and now she is back with me after 7 years . ishta asks in which class she is studying . warden says 9 th standard .she says she is a very bright student . ishita says in the same school how many times i came but i did not see her . ishita gets very happy . she calls bhalla house she says to mrs.bhalla ,mummyji i want our house to be decorated very well. Mrs.bhalla asks why but ishita does not say she says mummyji just do what i say. Mrs bhalla says . u r calling at midnight and telling me to do all this and u r not telling the reason also , tik hai puttar phir bhi tu chahti hai to mein kar detin hun. Ishita starts crying again .she goes to god idol in the clinic and thanks god for returning her daughter to her. Ruhi stays in unconscious state.

Ishita says i think because of long treatment she has slept with out getting up . she says to warden mein ise gar leke jati hun but warden says madam u know our school rules . i should take her back to hostel and report to principal that ruhi is fine . if i don’t do these procedures mera kam chala jayega . ishita says ok mein bhi aathi hun apke sat hi cant stay away even one minute after this saying this she calls the orphanage people and clarifies that she is ruhi’s mother .then she goes to hostel and clarifies to every one that ruhi is her daughter and takes ruhi home . ruhi is sleeping in the car ,she does not know her long time wish to be back with her ishima and papa was fulfilled now . she was peacefully sleeping in ishita’s car . while ishita is driving back home


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  1. Its Awesome……. loved it………..

  2. its really superrrr………… i love this… ff veryy much….. awwsomee…..

  3. Y varshini there is no episode of ishra ka ruhi ff sad please continue.don’t stop this midway.plsssssssssss

  4. the last epi got posted before this . please check it before this so that u will get the last epi of ishra’s life ruhi

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