ishra’s life ruhi (epi 8)


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Simmi comes there . adi goes to home . doctor says she is out of danger now . doctor says we have given her powerful medicines because of the surgery . she cant speak or eat for sometime , today she can be discharged . simmi comes inside the room , ruhi sees simmi , she thinks simmi bua , she gets teary eyed . she tries to speak to simmi burt not able to speak. She thinks so ishima aur papa delhi mein hain . she starts crying , she thinks hope simmi bua identifies me . she tries to get a paper but there is no paper near. Simmi asks what happened beta tum itni dukhi kyun ho somewhere is it paining r u ok . after sometime simmi says u should not talk to anybody for two more hours and driver tumhe hostel chod dega. Saying this simmi leaves in a car and ruhi leaves in anothercar. Ruhi cries .

she comes to hostel . she cries thinking atleast muje pata chala ki ishima aur papa delhi mein hai . the next day in school ruhi thanks adi and says thanku so much bhaiya. Still they don’t introduce each other . she goes to hostel and keeps thinking , she starts crying she says so ishima and papa are in delhi only . she asks her friends if she knows raman bhalla’s house . her friends say who does n’t know raman bhalla’s know raman bhalla’s house . he is one of india’s best business men. Ruhi gets glad she thinks now i can find ishima and papa very easily . she comes to bhalla house but the security doesnot allow her because the whole bhalla family had gone outing .

The next night ruhi gets severe tooth ache. She faints because of pain . the hostel warden takes ruhi to hospital. Ishita is sleeping . she gets a call telling about a girl with severe tooth pain. Ishita goes to clinic at midnight 12 ;30 . she comes inside the clinic . she sees ruhi (tere dil se plays in background)


Credit to: varshini

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