ishra’s life ruhi (epi 7)


The next day ishita comes home early from clinic. She thinks mein aaj bachon ko school se pick up kar lethi hun. Saying this she takes the car keys and goes. School gets over and all come out of the school. Ruhi also comes out to go to hostel, ishita comes the same way, ruhi and ishita walk side by sideb ut they don’t see each other, yeh hai mohabattein sad music plays. After picking up ruhanika and adi ishita takes them to icecream parlour. They enjoy the rest of the evening going out and have fun.ruhi is in her hostel , her friend asks her u say u r a orphan then how do u know ur parents. Ruhi gets sad and starts crying . she says i miss u ishima , how can u forget me, i did not die ishima , i am alive. Meanwhile in bhalla house ishita says mujhe pata hai ki ruhi zinda hai and starts crying , adi comes and says ishima , we know how much u want ruhi , but ruhi will not come back , we also feel sad as much as u do ishima , but we cant see u hurt ishima.ishita hugs adi.

Adi comes through the school corridor , ruhi also comes the same way , adi and ruhi collide ruhi scolds adi not knowing that he is her own brother , just when adi is about to go ruhi sees his neck. She thinks i have seen this locket somewhere. But adi goes. Ruhi keeps thinking. The next day when ruhi is going to hostel she sees ruhanika. She gets shocked she thinks how can this be . the exact face . this girl exactly looks like me . how can this be possible. I should ask her. But within ruhi goes to ruhanika ,ruhanika gets in her school bus. The school bus starts moving ruhi says hey stop , stop . she runs behind the school bus , she keeps running because she wants to know w ho this girl was , why she looked like her. She keeps running , she says hey stop. Just then a car comes the car hits ruhi . she gets hurt and faints. Adi comes that way . he sees ruhi fainted and blood all over her head he gets tensed. The man in the car runs away, he picks her up in his arms and takes her to hospital.

Ruhi gets admitted in hospirtal , doctor says we don t know anything know , we have to take some tests . adi gets sad , he thinks why am i getting sad for this girl who i don’t even know . the doctor asks adi to pay rupees 2 lakhs for further treatment . he thinks what to do . he says i will call ishima , ishita takes call she asks who is this adi says ishi ma mein adi , he tells the whole story , ishita starts crying, she doesn’t why she is crying . she asks which hospital and comes there . she pays the money and asks doctor can we meet her.ishita gets a call and says adi its an emergency surgery , patient has high bp level and this surgery can be done only by me.she says mein simmi bua ko bej dethi hun tum ghar chale jana . saying this ishita leaves.


Credit to: varshini

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