ishra’s life ruhi (epi 6)


The next day ruhi goes to school . the principal says that this year we have a scholarship student who will study in india’s best school. That is delhi vishwavidyalaya. They will get a chance to study there in hostel services and school fees free. He continues . he says, this offer was given to us by the delhi vishwavidhyala itself . he says this scholarship will be given to students going to 9 th standard10th and 11th eleventh standard . there will be a competition ,and the winner will get this golden opportunity .and off course ruhi wins the scholarship , she gets very happy , the orphanage people bid adeau to her, the care taker who is very close to ruhi says , mujhe pata tha ruhi beta ki kabhi na kabhi ek din tum bahuth badi banogi . ruhi leaves for delhi , she cries because from the day she got separated from her ishima and papa she had lived in the orphanage like a family . she goes to delhi in train with a care taker . the care taker gets ruhi admitted in the school and goes . ruhi goes to school the next day

(this is the same school where adi and ruhanika study). The first day itself she impresses all the teachers . adi comes home after school. Ishita asks how was ur first day in . Adi says it was nice . ruhanika comes home with raman. Ishita asks what happened to ruhanika why is she crying. And why r u bringing her home . ruhanika says mujhe teeth mein bahuth dard ho raha hai. Ishita treats her . she asks ruhanika when u eat these many chocolates . i don’t give u then , ruhanika says adi bhaiya only gives me ma , adi sees simmi, simmi sees mr.bhalla and mr .bhalla sees mrs. Bhalla says no . ishita says jhut mat boliye mummi ji . aap chocolate de rahi ho na ise jab bhi ye aap se puchti hai. Ishita says ruhanika u should not eat chocolate , i advice so many people not to eat chocolates , brush two times and all that par mere gar mein hi. Ruhanika says mein chocolate nahi kaungi. And goes to do homework. Ishita say adi what r u waiting for go and study na. Adi says i will watch tv for only 10 minuites then i will go to study. Ishita iske liye tumhe remote chahiya a woh to mere pas hai. Adi says this is not fair ishima . ishita says i am going to clinic and i am taking the remote with me . adi says ishi ma

Precap : ishita comes to adi’ school to pick up adi and ruhanika , there ruhi also comes the same way ishita is going
Will ruhi and ishita meet?
Keep reading to find out

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Oh i hope they meet even there!
    Varshini ur ff is a super duper heart touching one dr! Love it sooo much!

  2. superrrr………… plzzz update next episode as…….. soon as possible………………….. nd dont stop this ff………. nd make it long episode……. i love this ff……

  3. Hi I am a silent reader but ur ff made me write this comment ur ff is awesome u keep a good end as well as good suspense we can’t wait anymore plzzz update ur ff soon and plz try to write the next ff little bit big one

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