ishra’s life ruhi (epi 4)


The episode starts with flashback
Doctor comes and says appko ladki hui hai. Meanwhile abhishek calls raman and says nidhi has escaped . he says we have got the chip , ishita is proved innocent but nidhi can be a danger for u all. She may do anything. Shagun is with the baby when a nurse comes and says i have to make the baby bath and takes the baby. And goes out of the hospital. She gives the baby to nidhi . nidhi takes the baby to a hilly side area and asks ruhi in exchange or else she will kill the baby . raman and ishita plan to bring the police there and just when ruhi is about to go with nidhi the police will come into action . this was their plan . ishita brings ruhi to that area. Nidhi gives baby to ishita and takes ruhi ruhi cries. Just then raman with police arrive .nidhi sees this and says raman bhalla u never listen to my words ab ruhi bi nahi bachegi saying this nidhi pushes ruhi off the cliff . nidhi is arrested by the police . ruhi falls on a tree. She gets saved by some group of campers. She gets admitted to hospital.

After she gets cured even without informing people who saved her she goes in search of her home . she somehow reaches bhalla house. But couldn’t find anybody there because the bhalla family and iyers family had already shifted their house because if they had lived in the samehouse they would have become mad . evewhere they heard ruhi’s voice ,her memories had kept haunting them . ruhi knew where to search next . she gets help of some unknown stranger to go to Chennai (because she knew her ishima’s native place was that only) who leaves her in an orphanage . meanwhile the bhalla family lives in a big mansion in delhi.


Credit to: varshini

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Awwwww…… so sad it made me almost cry?

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  3. But its not true ?

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