ishra’s life ruhi (epi 1)


This fanfiction is about yeh hai mohabattein after 6 years where
Ruhi is 13 years old
Adi is 17 year old
Shravan is 13 year old
Ananya is 9 year old
Ruhanika (the surrogate baby) is 6 years old
Ranveer (shagun and manojs child) is 5 years old

Epi 1
A boy is shown getting ready in school uniform and praying to god that his 11 th standard chemistry exam should be easy . raman enters ( he doesn’t look too old but he wears glasses).he says adi…u will do well
Adi: but papa ishima
Raman: u know about today its a very sad day for all of us and u know about ur ishima
Adi :ok papa bye
Ishita is shown .she crying unconsolably. Raman comes in n says ishita and he also starts crying.
Meanwhile a girl about 13 years old is shown . one girl comes and says ruhi didi aap mere liye ek drawing banaogi. U draw very nicely . u draw me na.
A lady comes n says ruhi somehow we will find ur ishima n papa
In bhalla house
Ishita :6 saal ho gaye raman but still our ruhi didnot return
Raman : ruhi is dead ishita .why are u exting her to come back
Ishita : don’t say rubbish things raman. Did they find her dead body then how can u say she is dead
Police come n say to ishita n raman ruhi’s body is not to be found but some blood were ther where ruhi fell down
This is an forest area any wild animal could have eaten ruhi .
Ishita and raman cry

Just when they r talking a girl enters . she looks just like ruhi. Ishita tells ao ruhanika u did homework


Credit to: varshini

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