IshRaRu~When The Dead Returns (Prologue)

(This is my 2nd ff on Ishra, my previous ff on Ishra was The Revenge Of Seven Years)

She watched her fondly as she jumped over the tiles smilingly and realized she had a bowl of corn flakes in her hand. ‘Pihu,’ she called her making her look at her. ‘Ishi Maa,’ she said and ran to her embracing her by her waist. ‘Did you brush your teeth baby?’, she asked and Pihu nodded. ‘Ishi Maa mumma is out of country right? When she comes back, will you go? Are you my babysitter?’, Pihu asked as she fed her and Ishita got speechless.

.         .            .          .           .          .

‘Pihu, beta please open the door, don’t do this, look your friends came, I have to make you ready na baby,’ Ishita said banging the door. She heard her laughing as if she’s talking to someone. Pihu came out the next second readily. ‘How you got ready by yourself beta?’, Ishita asked. ‘Secret,’ Pihu replied and Ishita took her while Pihu turned back to her room and waved bye saying something in a whisper.

.          .            .           .          .          .

Ishita came to Pihu’s room and saw her looking at the rocking chair. ‘Pihu baby did you complete your work?’, she asked. ‘I m listening to story,’ she replied. ‘But from who? No one’s here,’ Ishita replied and felt a chill in the air. ‘No don’t hide, come in front, she went because of you,’ Pihu started crying burying her face in the pillow.

.         .         .        .          .        .        .

Ishita came to Pihu’s room and was about to kiss her but the bed moved on its own and Ishita felt pulled back and got pinned to the wall, a lamp came flying towards her and hit her head, she fell on the floor bleeding heavily.

Who’s after Pihu?

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