Ishrarudi n baby reunion


Hey guys as u all know that there is a leap in our original yhm n also ishraru separation so I am just writing a reunion episode for making myself n all of u happy must read n comment
Ish n baby
Families reunion
So guys as u know ruhi is tom boy n pihu is ishraa baby
Ishu n family come to know that ruhaan is ruhi but ruhi tell them that she hate them
Raman come to know that ishita is alive n she is in Delhi ishu also know that raman know she but she didn’t have courage to meet raman

So eposide starts
Ishu talks to Mani
Mani : ishu r u mad what r u doing I will not do anything like this n also I will not allow u to do such thing how can u think about this its very risky
Ishu : I don’t care Mani tumhay pata ek ma k liye Sab se baara dukh kya hota hai k us ka bacha us se nafraat karay I want to know whether she really hate Me
Mani : but ishu
Ishu : pllzz Mani I request u to help me
Mani : OK
Ishu : there is a road near ruhis she passes daily from there aur waha zyada traffic Bhi nii hoti if she really hates me then …..
The next day
Its noon
Ruhi (ruhaan ) was on road there was a ball in her n she was bouncing the ball
Suddenly she saw on other side of road n she saw a truck which was coming towards ishu n ishu was not caring about is n walking
Ruhi ( ruhaan ) runs n shouts ishimaaaa ruhi pulls ishita n saves her they fall on the road
Ruhi ( ruhaan ) : ishmaa ishimaa r u OK ap ko ki lagi to niii
Ruhi checks her hand
Ishu was looking at her with teary eyes
Ruhi : what were u thinking if the truck hits u then u didn’t think any thing
Ruhi looks at ishu who was lookingat her
Ruhi ( ruhaan ) came to sences a stands up n take two steps n turns her face her n get teary eyes
Ishu stands up n holds her hand
Ruhi : plz let me go
Ishu : no this time I will not allow u to go
Coz now I come to know that u still love me
Ruhi : no I don’t
Ishu : u do
Ruhi : so then what if I do u don’t love me na u love your baby I don’t understand why u don’t leave me alone u have your own baby na u gave me to niddhi na
Ishu : no no its not true ruhi
Ruhi : why r u lieing
Ishu : me kya karti the baby was immature she will throw the baby the baby would die ruu if adi was I place of baby tab Bhi me yahi karti tum kudhi socho kya ishimaa Tim she pyar nii karti thi when niddhi caught u I tried to reach there but … Ruhi plllzz remembers those days which I spent with u can u ishimaa don’t love u if u say yes I will not stop u
Ruhi didn’t say anything n remember all moments when ishita first time save her when she was about to hit a car when she call her ishita mumma for first time when shagun was about to slap ruhi but ishu save her when raman scold ruhi n ishu save her when ishu save her terrorists when ishu save her from earthquake when ishu says to her mere godh to pehlay say hi bahrii hoi hai
When ruhi didn’t say anything ishu turns n tn start walking
Ruhi shouts ishimaa ishu turns n ruhi hugs her n cries ishu also cries

Ptecap : ruhis head was on ishitas lap ruhi to herself ishimaa I know u love papa don’t worry I promise I will give u all u deserve u will again get papas love along with pihus love

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Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. awwsome ….. plzz continue this ff nd update next episode dont stop this ff i love this ff…………….

  2. Really nice wish they could use urs for the current track

  3. Love it I hope in actuall they reunite soon and niddi exits or dies or something like that

  4. Awasome….v.good…pl…continue..this episode as soon as possible. .

  5. Awesome, please continue

  6. jasmine Rahul

    Ruhi tries 2 hate Ishita.But she can’t.She proved that by saving Ishita from an accident.They hugged crying.What a beautiful emotional scene of Ishita Ruhi

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