IshRaRu~Angels Do Come (chp 3: online attraction)

Raman’s POV:

I came back from office late at night and freshened up and had dinner. Ruhi seemed to be very happy. I looked at Simmi, she signed that everything is fine. ‘Papa, there’s a new teacher in our school, she’s very beautiful and sweet, she consoled me when I was sad today, she even invited me to her house for Christmas party,’ Ruhi told me. ‘But your school has a Christmas party every year right?’ I asked taking a bite of biryani. ‘Yes but don’t know why not this year,’ she replied. ‘I also met her, she’s very good,’ Simmi said.

‘OK where does she live?’ I asked. ‘Oh no, I forgot to ask,’ she slapped her forehead. ‘Did you ask for her number?’ I asked giggling a little. ‘No, but I know her full name, Ishita Iyer,’ she told me. ‘OK Papa will find her on Facebook after dinner,’ I said and she nodded smilingly. After dinner, I took her to my room and opened my laptop and directly opened Facebook and searched for Ishita Iyer. ‘She’s the one,’ Ruhi said and I was mesmerized by her beauty. She had her profile picture with a little girl.

I opened her profile and messaged her saying, ‘I am Ruhi’s father, she told me you had invited her to Christmas party at your house, but she forgot to ask your address, so could you please tell me where you live? Sorry to disturb you at this hour but my little girl was excited.’ I sent the message and Ruhi kissed my cheek. ‘Did you do your homework?’ I asked Ruhi. ‘Yes I did,’ she replied. ‘Go wash your face, and yes don’t forget to brush your teeth, then papa will tuck you in bed and sing a lullaby for you,’ I said and she went.

Meanwhile, I looked at her photos, there was no sign of her husband, a divorcee maybe, or maybe her husband might be dead. Mostly all of her photos just included her and her daughter. How pretty she was, her smile was so angelic. Just then Ruhi came outside and sat beside me keeping her head on my bicep. ‘Papa, I want to sleep,’ she said and I smiled at her. ‘OK,’ I said and closed the laptop and tucked her in bed and sang to her, her favourite lullaby. I too slept along with her.

Ishita’s POV:

The sound of beeping of my phone interrupted my thoughts and I checked my phone. There was a message for me on Facebook by Raman Kumar Bhalla. I opened the message and read it. Oh I see, he’s Ruhi’s father and he’s asking for my address for Christmas party and he seems to be really nice but what to do? There’s no one from my family who’s in this country, only Natasha is there. I should tell this to him in case his daughter is expecting many people at my house.

I replied, ‘Hallo, don’t mind but I wanted to say that there will be no one in the Christmas party besides me and my daughter, will you all still like to come?’ and I sent it. It was time for me to sleep and I laid to sleep but Natasha came to me, she has a milky white skin, brown eyes, round face and long hair. ‘Baby, what happened? Not sleepy?’ I asked and she nodded. ‘Ok come here,’ I said and she immediately came to me to sleep on my bed beside me. ‘So is there something which is bothering you?’ I asked keeping my arm around her.

‘Yes, mumma, I want to come in the same school in which you teach,’ she said and I smiled. ‘It isn’t possible right now, but it can be done after this year, but won’t you miss your school?’ I asked pressing her cheek lightly. ‘No because I will make many good memories in the school in which you teach,’ she said and I kissed her forehead. ‘Ok my baby, will you listen to a story?’ I asked and she nodded. ‘There was once a little fairy who loved to smile and she was very kind, just like you.’

Natasha smiled at me. ‘She had round face and long hair just like you, she had everything, but one day, her mother passed away and that poor girl got very upset,’ I told her Ruhi’s story, not for entertainment but in case if they meet up, they don’t get rude. Natasha’s mouth made a perfect O. ‘Then one day, an angel came in her life, that angel was actually her teacher, she loved her teacher alot, she also told her teacher about it, they both liked each other a lot,’ I told her and she waited for me to continue.

‘So they invited each other in Christmas party, but the teacher asked her to come instead, but she forgot to tell the address,’ I said pressing my tongue between my teeth. ‘So how will she tell? Tomorrow is Christmas,’ she said. ‘By phone,’ I replied and opened my Facebook messenger. ‘Mumma, I want to meet that fairy,’ she said. ‘OK done,’ I said and kissed her forehead and tucked her in bed to sleep. She was fast asleep and I saw that I had a new message by Raman Bhalla, maybe he’s someone related to Ruhi, I opened the message.

He was asking for address and so I sent it but then I saw that how handsome he was. I kept looking at his photo. I stalked his profile for nearly one hour and saw that he really had very nice photographs. I wish I wouldn’t have left my family behind in Mumbai and come to London, they don’t even know I m here, I should go and meet them with Natasha. Tomorrow I will call them and tell them what all happened with me in my in laws house. But I won’t let Subbu reach Natasha, let him die.

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  3. Priyu

    It’s so awesome ??? it’s something new ! I love it ?? I like the POV you write, ? it gives a good feeling when reading ? eagerly waiting for next part ? actually your FF is you know great because I think it’s linked a new start to yhm. Current scene are so irritating in this show these days however right? But what to do? I haven’t even watched a show from beginning other than this one. But I felt extremely happy after reading your FF ? at least yhm fans know how show should flow ? Good Luck.. Keep Writing ?

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