IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (who’s the mysterious person?) Chapter 3


Ruhi keeps wine bottles in Nidhi’s car and grins, she goes back to the house and thankfully no one saw her. She messages Raman from her phone and deletes the message. Raman receives a message. He opens it. It said:
“The work is done.”

He smiles and replies with a smiley face. He goes to his room and smiles at Ishita and sits in front of her. He holds her hand.
Raman: i know u cant hear anything but I know u can hear me, there’s a good news, Ruhi is alive, she will ask for u soon, wake up soon, miss u.

He kisses her hand and goes for office. She moves her fingers and Ishani comes and sees this, she calls everyone, they come.
Ishani: look, mumma moved her fingers
She points at her hands. Her hands were still moving, they all smile.
Mrs.Bhalla: means she will get out of coma soon.
Ishani jumps in excitement.
Ishani: I will go tell papa on phone.
She goes outside and calls Raman.

Ishani: papa, mumma moved her hands.
Raman: suchiee ? then she will be ok soon.
Ishani: I know, when will u come home?
Raman: I have gone just now

He laughs as she talks like Ishita.
Ishani: I love u Raavan Ku…

She stops realizing and Raman giggles.
Ishani: sorry papa.
Raman: no baby its ok, I will come soon bye doll
Ishani: bye

She smiles and disconnects the call.

Ruhi thinks of that night when she came here with Nidhi, she thinks of her little sister and Ishita. She quickly messages Raman to do something in which Nidhi gets trapped easily. Raman gets an idea and calls Pathak(the lawyer which fought almost their every case in serial).

Later Raman gives Ruhi the papers explaining her everything and goes. Ruhi goes to Nidhi.
Ruhi: Nidhi ma’am there’s a good news, I got a contract on which after u sign we will be super rich.

Nidhi signs on it and Ruhi goes grinning and later she meets Raman, both were in disguise, they meet near their house.
Ruhi: papa our revenge is almost completed, let’s tell this to Ishi Maa.
Raman cries.
Ruhi: why r u crying?
He’s unable to say.
Ruhi: papa tell me plz.
Raman: come, have a look by yourself.
Ruhi: no I can’t come, Nidhi…
Raman: don’t worry.

He wears a mask hiding his face and goes inside the house in which Ruhi stays, he pours chloroform on a handkerchief and goes secretly to Nidhi’s room and makes her faint. He comes out and takes Ruhi from there to Bhalla house. Ruhi gets emotional seeing her house after so many years and cries, she goes inside with Raman straight to his room. Ruhi gets shocked seeing Ishita unconscious with oxygen mask on her face and a drip in the back of her palm. She cries and runs to her touching her hand.
Ruhi: Ishi Maa..

Ishita moves her hands and moves her eyeballs too.
Ruhi: Ishi maa wake up, look I came, your Ruhi came.

Ishita opens her eyes and looks at her.

How’s it guys?

Thanks to Parichary for ur great ideas n predictions, it helps a lot. ?

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  1. Wow, lovely story.

    Thank you for this story, I love it.

    It make me tear a little when I read Raman and Ruhi then Ruhi shocking to see Ishita condition. Ruhi save Ishita. Bhalla family get shocked by hearing someone shouting for Ishita and get confused and goes to Raman room and see who the stranger girl is. Raman then informed that this girl is Ishita and my daughter Ruhi. Bhalla and Iyer family get shocked by hearing Raman words and see Ishita with worry. Raman then tell confused Ishan that Ruhi is her didi and Ishan get shock and happy to see Ruhi. Ruhi and Ishan hug together. Ruhi tell Ishan to take care of mumma and I will come back soon. Raman then shows the paper to police and police raid at Nidhi’s place and arrest Nidhi and bring Ruhi back to Bhalla house. Ruhi stay with Bhalla house and spend whole hours with Ishita. Ruhi and Ishan wait for Ishita to return normal life. Raman hug Ruhi and everyone wait for Ishita. Doctor give good news and Bhalla and Iyer families get happy. Ishita get surprised to see who is 2 girls and think that Ishan is Ruhi. Ishan tell Ishita that she is not Ruhi my name is Ishan. Ruhi come infront of Ishita and Ishita get confused who is she and get shocked to see mole and stammer Ruhi name. Raman and Ruhi tears start to flow. Ishita get happy to see Ruhi back alive and hug Ruhi. Ishita apology to Ruhi for not saving her from Nidhi. Raman also apology to Ishita for harsh words during Ruhi death but now Ruhi is alive. Ishita forgave Raman and hug him. Whole family hug together. Nidhi will escape from jail again.

    Thank you Salley for mentioned me. 😉 🙂

  2. Kumud

    wow finally she finally opened her eye

  3. Nice episode. Pls update it daily

    1. Salley145

      I have more stories to write, but I will try

  4. Please update it daily. As your story is nice as we are not able to wait for next episode.

    1. Salley145

      I will try, I write Mehbeer and MaNan stories too, if u r their fan, read that stories till then….

  5. Very emotional part….

  6. Ruksy


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