IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (who’s the mysterious person?) Chapter 2


Raman decides to go to the destination at night. He closes the door and goes straight to his room and keeps the note and the photo inside his bedside table draw and his gaze goes on Ishita. He kisses her forehead and talks to her.

Raman: Ishita, I think our Ruhi is alive, and if it so then u should wake up soon
He goes Ishani comes and talks to unconscious Ishita.
Ishani: Mumma, plz wake up, since the time I m born, not even for once I got your love or u woke up, plz wake up mumma.

She cries.

Mrs Bhalla comes and sees her crying.
Mrs.Bhalla: what happen? Why is my little fairy crying?
Ishani: I want my mumma.

Mrs.Bhalla gets teary eyed and takes her from there. Ishita moves her fingers a little.

Ruhi in her room, she plans to get friendly with Nidhi and take a sweet revenge.
Ruhi: u did a lot of torture to me, now its your turn.
She goes out of her room and sees Nidhi working on laptop.

Ruhi: (says to herself) now its the time Ruhi (goes to Nidhi) ma’am will u have something?
She asks sweetly.
Nidhi: Why r u showing so much sweetness all of a sudden?
Ruhi: that’s because u saved me from dying and made me a singer.
Nidhi: OK…if u say so, go make biryani for me.
Ruhi goes to kitchen.
Ruhi: get ready to get the taste of your own medicine.

She starts making it and it took approximately 40 minutes, she goes and serves her.
Ruhi: here u go
Nidhi tastes it and swallows it by much difficulty.
Ruhi: how’s it ma’am?
Nidhi: its good.

Ruhi says in heart: ye plan nakaam hogaya kuch or sochna hoga.
She goes back to her room.
Raman goes to the told destination at night and Ruhi as Ruhaan meets Raman at night and he is surprised as to why Ruhaan called him and how does he know about Ruhi?
Raman: was it u who sent this pic and chit?
Ruhaan: yes it was me
Raman: what u have to say?

Ruhaan takes off the cap revealing her long hair and tells her real identity.
Ruhaan: I m Ruhi

Raman is shocked. He doesn’t believes her. She shows her hidden mole and the pendant he gave her in childhood on her last birthday. Raman hugs her. Raman and Ruhi plans revenge. (Muted)

Later Nidhi’s feet gets injured by the broken vase. Ruhi gets happy but acts as concerned.
Ruhi: what happen ma’am? R u OK?
She takes her to bedroom acting really sweet. She goes back from there.
Ruhi: this is just the start Nidhi Chabra, there’s more left.

Aditya notices Raman’s changed behavior from sad to happy.
Aditya: how r u so happy today?
Raman: that’s a secret soon to be revealed.
He goes and Adi finds it fishy.
Ishani ties a Mata Rani necklace around Ishita’s neck saying she will be fine soon wearing this. She kisses her and goes.

Ruhi keeps wine bottles in Nidhi’s car and grins.

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  1. Oh my god!!!
    Raman get happy to see Ruhi alive.
    Ishan and Mrs Bhalla did not see Ishita finger moved.
    I am so happy that Raman will bring Ruhi home to surprise all family.
    Bhalla and Iyer families get happy to see Ruhi back alive.
    Ruhi will notice Ishita is missing and ask Raman where is Ishma.
    Raman then bring Ruhi to Raman’s room to see Ishita.
    Ruhi get shocked to see Ishita in coma.
    Ruhi run and touch Ishita and call her Ishma.
    Ishita get reaction by hearing Ruhi calling her.
    Bhalla and Iyer families get shock to see Ishita out of coma and call doctor.
    Doctor give good news that Ishita is out of danger.

    Nice story Sal!!!!1

    1. Salley145

      Nice prediction, they give me a lot of ideas 🙂

  2. Super episode. Please update the next episode soon and please write little long episode.

    1. Salley145

      I Will try,I can’t update regularly, I write 4 5 stories so can’t do it regularly.. I will do it alternately.

  3. Nice put long ma he maja short ma ni

    1. Salley145

      I will try writing it long.

  4. Ruksy

    wow amazing

  5. Kumud

    nice but short

  6. Such a lovely episode. Pls update it daily

    1. Salley145

      I can’t, I write 4 more stories besides this plus I have college work to do

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Salley145

      Thnx Reshma

  8. Very good and necessary revenge…I’m feel so this very short but nice part…

    1. Salley145

      Thnku Guru 🙂

  9. Nice story

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