IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (The Plan For Revenge and The Cute Bondings) Chapter 9

Ishita goes to police station along with the proofs against Nidhi.

Ishita: watch these videos, these r the proofs that Nidhi is guilty…catch her as soon as possible, now its enough, she crossed all her limits.

Inspector nods and she goes. One week passed by, now Ruhi and Nikhil were best buddies. She got discharged from the hospital. She would hang out with Nikhil often, though they gained each other’s trust, he shared everything with her, but she didn’t told him her another identity. Little did she know that Nikhil already feels that he had seen her somewhere?

One day, Nikhil lost his patience. He called her to meet her at a cafe.
Nikhil: why do I feel I have seen u somewhere?
Ruhi: don’t know
Nikhil: I know it was u
Ruhi: fine I m Ruhaan, want some proof?
Nikhil: yes
Ruhi: fine come tomorrow to my house.

She goes bidding bye to him making his curiosity level rise. He wanted to know what’s the matter? So the next day,they meet at Bhalla house.
Nikhil: so what’s the proof that u r Ruhaan?
Ruhi: wait

She goes to her room and comes back after ten minutes in disguise as Ruhaan.
Nikhil: strange.
Ruhi: I will show u by singing.

She sings a random song. He removes her cap and then he believes her.
Nikhil: y did u become Ruhaan?
Ruhi tells everything.
Ruhi: and now I want revenge from Nidhi.
Nikhil: what about I help u?
Ruhi: but what will we do? I m thinking since much time.
Nikhil: she doesn’t know me right? I will join her business and leave the rest on me.

Nikhil goes from Bhalla house after Ruhi tells him the address and Pihu comes there and hugs Ruhi.
Pihu: u r Ruhaan? Y didn’t u tell me? I m ur big fan.
Ruhi: yes m Ruhaan, now u got to know so u can get as many autographs as u want because I live with u only.

She says kissing her forehead.
Pihu: Ruhi di u r so cute.

She kisses her back on cheek and smiles and goes.

Nikhil reaches Nidhi’s office and goes in her cabin asking for a job.
Nidhi: what job do u want?
Nikhil: u r the CEO of some singers right?
Nidhi: yes, so u r here for a singer job?
Nikhil: absolutely, I m living alone, my parents aren’t here, I need a job urgently
Nidhi: ok, come for rehearsals tomorrow, I will tell u rules as well

Nikhil nods and goes out. He calls Ruhi.
Nikhil: hallo Ruhi, the work is done, I got the job, rehearsals r tomorrow

Ruhi: congrats but what’s the plan?

They discuss the plan and the call ends. Next day, Nikhil does rehearsals and sings very well, he adds dance also. Nidhi likes it.
Nidhi: u have got the job, the rules r come on time, if u come late then u won’t be allowed inside.

And the rules went on, Nikhil hears patiently and she goes.
Nikhil calls Ruhi: finally job is in my hands, step one completed, some more steps and the revenge will be taken.
Ruhi: thank u Nikhil.
Nikhil: no prb

They hang up. Ruhi smiles looking down, Ishita comes there.
Ishita: why r u smiling?
Ruhi: nothing just like that.

Ishita smiles as if caught her lie. She goes in her room and talks to Raman on phone.
Ishita: I saw Ruhi blushing and smiling.
Raman: haha do u want this potato to spy on his daughter.
Ishita: no just telling u
Raman: listen Jhansi ki Rani, we should thank Nikhil for saving Ruhi.

Ishita: I did that, something is going on between Ruhi and him.
Raman: its just friendship, stop being a jagga jasoos, sometimes not poking ur nose everywhere is good
Ishita: I m not spying potato, bye

She cuts the call and gets annoyed. Raman messages her.
Ishita: now y is he messaging?

She opens the message and what he wrote made her laugh. He wrote, “don’t feel bad, it’s just a fact that u r a jagga jasoos.”

She replies: but not more than u, one potato two potato

He smiles.

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