IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (Happy ending… Last Chapter)

Guys, this is the most boring chapter ever, not writing anymore of this ff, so thought to end it simply.

Next day, Nikhil dances along with singing to impress Nidhi and she likes it. Many days passed by, now came the final step for revenge. Nikhil goes to her cabin.
Nikhil: ma’am I need your help.
Nidhi: say
Nikhil: your PA has arranged a concert for me, I have to go there, the location is so confusing, I need u to drop me there.
Nidhi: OK

She goes out followed by him, he grinned. She drops him to the place. He goes inside and police comes to her and she’s arrested taken away in a police van. Police had watched the videos Ishita gave and tried finding her but couldn’t and Nikhil did it all. Nikhil informs Ruhi about this. He goes to meet her at her house, she hugs him. After one year, IshRa gets remarried, Ruhi and Nikhil fall in love with each other and everything becomes like before.

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  1. Nice ending

  2. it was an awesome end , so like this the revenge is completed would miss it but the story was very good from the first chapter to the last chapter , try to write a ff on yhm soon

    1. Salley145

      Yes but after finishing some more stories

  3. That was a cute ending

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